Terms Used presenting Your Company Proposition Should Be Thoroughly Picked

This week I was sent a Company Plan from the Investment Capital principal for whom I perform consulting services. That gentleman had see the elevator pitch for the item and had original interest in the idea. He requested that I review the report in detail and mark up the key points that would be of much, or of no interest to his organization and make a suggestion regarding stability of the project.The plan was focused on a money energy for a new line of cell phone accessories. The idea and early period physical delivery was in good order and appears to be to have much upside potential. The commercial attraction of the products was apparent and there seemed to be a wonderful Unique Trying to sell Proposition designed for the taking if all components of the program could possibly be executed properly.Something vexed me, however, as I begun to re-read and markup the Company Plan. I was uneasy with terms that were used to spell it out the distinct products. And, since I became sidetracked by the grammar and text I was reading, I begun to question the plan’s assumptions much more critically.Words subject and they may be helpful, or harmful in any circumstance, whether in life, romantically, or appropriately in business. In this case the conditions used to spell it out what seemed like a wonderful opportunity for Capital Raising investment lifted a cloud on the enterprise in my mind.A word that’s an adverse in several company contexts is “cheap”. Low priced denotes substandard. Inexpensive indicates poorly built. The term inexpensive was used numerous times in the Company Plan I was researching. A much better term than cheap is cheap, or inexpensive. Another term with suitcase is “buy”. It is always considered better to make a purchase than to get an item or service.”Offer” is a better term choice than “sell”. The 40 foot Hatteras Yacht is offered at $75,000 is indeed much more resonant to the attention and ear compared to 75 foot Hatteras Yacht is for sale at $75,000. People like to purchase. They resent being sold.There are numerous samples of words that can be tried for conditions such as cheap, sell, or buy and hence confer an even more positive industrial knowledge. The way in which words are employed is indicative of the amount of professionalism a party brings to a transaction.Often, due to distance, or time constraints, or purposefully put professional obstacles, the 2 or more parties taking part in company partnerships don’t literally meet, at least initially. Terms found in e-mails, phone calls, Business Plans or communication are typical that each party needs to take the way of measuring each other. Choose words carefully. They could make, or break, your chance.

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