Sunlab products produce a beautiful tan without the danger of sunburn

25th July 2012 – Let’s face it; a sun tanned face and body looks far healthier and sexier than a pale and pasty white complexion which ostensibly never sees the sun. Maybe this isn’t universally true because in some cultures such as Japan a suntan is a sign of being a field worker or a fisherman and is actually avoided.

Nevertheless the process of acquiring a suntan requires spending a lot of idle time exposing one’s body to direct solar radiation. This too is problematical as unless one is on vacation not many people possess that much idle time.

Secondly it is advisable to use sun protection as, unless one is very careful, the sun burns resulting in red, painful and blotchy skin. This is the exact opposite of what one is trying to achieve. Later one peels and looks unsightly, and leaving scars in extreme cases. People working out in the sun gain sunburned complexions which turn tough and wrinkly at a pretty early age. Female farm workers in Japan wear bonnets and hats and cover their arms and hands to avoid this effect. But generally people who are exposed to the sun everyday will always be darker and tanned which, while young is regarded as healthy but leads to a premature appearance of advanced age.

Sunburn is known to cause skin cancers, which are still a real killer. Malignant melanomas are one of the worst forms of cancer with a very poor prognosis. Ironically then the desire to sit in the sun is tempered by the fear of severe sunburn and cancer so there is a roaring trade in hi solar protection factor (SPF) sun tan lotions and creams, after sun lotion and cosmetics to protect tanners. If enough time is spent in the sun a tan will result which soon fades away or peels off when we return to our usual lives of working indoors by day and as a rule only seeing the sun for brief periods on the week end.

The answer is provided by Sunless Tanning Products which enables self tanning without exposure to the sun. Many products are available which Sun Laboratories in Chatsworth California promote on their website. It is from here, under the California Sun that the require was seen over 2 decades ago and their constant developments, innovations and new formulations has made Sun Laboratories products fashionable all over the world. The array is vast.

Most fashionable are the self tanning and sunless tanning products which come as lotions applied by a mitt or as a spray for a more even application. Then they offer airbrush tanning sprays for employment in professional tanning booths. Some of the featured products are a Training Mitt system with which to clean the skin thoroughly before using their revolutionary mitt or a micro mist to apply a tan. A Tan maintaining lotion is included.

There is a Beach Bag Set which has been rated highly by Blair on YouTube and a Face and Body Polisher Bath Set. The offers and products are numerous.

All of the above available from Sun Laboratories

Sun Laboratories offers a large range of Sunless Tanning Products developed in California and sold globally