Stretchmarks – The Lines of an Attractive Love Story

After pregnancy to my first child, I was ruined at how my human body had changed. I was terrified when I looked in the mirror at my once great body, with little middle, firm pointy breasts, flat stomach and perfect, clean skin. I couldn’t believe that my breasts were etched with waters of stretch marks and 3 times their previous size. My once taut stomach and legs were now covered with stretch marks and giggled when I attemptedto put on my panties. All I could consider was discarding my revealing, hot, hot-momma outfits, and if I ever endured intercourse again-at least the rapist would not be interested in finding my marred system. I uncontrollably cried, as the nurse assured me that I was only experiencing postpartum depression. After weeks of adoring my beautiful child, I noticed that those lines told an excellent account of how my body changed to adapt to the developing life inside of me. These lines were the beginning of a new phase in my life.One of the most interesting features of having a baby is that though my body had performed the supreme epitome of womanhood, to provide the nutrition that enables a fetus to develop into a human being and give birth, I never felt more ugly, fat and ugly. Several doctors and nurses identify the emotional changes that women go through after childbirth as postpartum depression. The Oxford Medical Dictionary describes postpartum melancholy as, “An mental mental problems that occurs after childbirth. It is indicated by symptoms that range from mild to extreme, suicidal depressive psychosis.”I do not have a medical background, but in my opinion that postpartum depression is partly caused by the advertising that continuously bankrupts a self-esteem and self-worth with advertisements that encourage surgery treatment and anti-aging products. It is extremely tough for the average person to accept, love and value herself in a society that constantly bombards her with messages of being inferior and not-beautiful-enough to be a valued member of society. The nurse insisted that I was enduring an imbalance, but I understood why I was frustrated. I was miserable because I believed that my life could not be the same. Yes, for the most part, being a new mother is a joyous celebration, but several things about my lifestyle might change forever.The physical changes all through and after my pregnancy required me to look at my body with a completely new perspective mother nature rudely informed me that my breasts were not only for sexual pleasure, especially when my breasts were filled with milk and began to pain. Let us not even start to take into account the genital stitches after childbirth (episiotomy). The essence of my elegant body was immediately linked to nature-the continuation of life. My body offered the canal of which life ran in to the actual world. I noticed that for me, sex was not only a work of love, affection, or genuine romantic satisfaction but that my body could bring to fruition the substance of two people. And even though, my husband could leave from our child, our life and our love, I could not. My body not only provided the path, but the basis that would give all of the necessities to maintain the life of our child.In spite of the fact that I was proud of my body’s capacity to give birth, after the pregnancy was over, I didn’t need any visible signs on my body that suggested to me or others that a life was once inside of my stomach. For some reason, in the American tradition, girls brag about not actually looking as if we ever endured a child. I recall thinking once that the best compliment that I received was from a young girl who believed to me, “You do not look like a mother.” It is interesting how we take hickeys (interest marks) to represent real wish from our mate, and let’s be honest, are hickeys actually physically beautiful? Fraternities and sororities brand their customers as symbolic of unity. Solders are happy with their battle wounds. However, most women need to eliminate any signs of ever being pregnant or offering birth.Biologically speaking, the female body was designed to hold and foster infants. Through the procedure, for most women, what this means is stretch marks, fat gain, sagging breasts and yes! – it-a big stomach was thought by You. Here is the physical reality for many women that are pregnant. For many girls these physical changes remain for an amount of time after the beginning of their baby. The media does not glorify the authentic elegance that resonates from the normal woman who clear, prepare, and offer their own families. Unlike the models and playboy rabbits, it does not observe the face of the authentic beauty of a woman’s body that’s sculpted with stretch marks, comfortable good hips and thighs, hollows and enjoy handles.I guess you are thinking how does stretch marks have anything to accomplish with the media’s depiction of women. Well, before the delivery of my first son or daughter, unknowingly my notion of my self-worth was based on my appearance. I prided myself if you are able to don revealing summer clothes, have a flat belly and going bra-less. I was no Cover Girl, but I felt that I used my own. Even though I was an university student, most of the comments that I received were about my physical appearance. Nobody actually complimented me on being intelligent, caring or being a good person. Upon adopting my new position and personality as a, I remember looking at my infant child thinking, “I can’t think that this perfectly beautiful baby came from inside of me.” I then started to recognize that the stretch marks on my belly and breasts were symbolic of my femininity, energy and internal beauty. Now when I read those pretty, wiggly lines the lines say: “You are wonderful and your body have been blessed by God as a boat to the journey of life.”

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