30th July 2012 – SRSolutions is a one of a kind business process outsourcing (BPO) firm based in Holladay, Utah and providing business-outsourcing solutions to companies of all kinds worldwide! SRSolutions can answer a variety ofoutsourcing business needs, literally!SRSolutions acts as a BPO call center service while providing several basic, office services to meet the needs of any business. Rather than investing in a bigger office, additional phones and computers, reporting technology and dozens of employee’s salaries and benefits -a company can outsource their call center business process to SRSolutions. This allows businesses of all sizes to operate from reduced costs while still accomplishing important business solutions to increase lead generation and simplify the business process.

SRSolutions is available for:
• Inbound/Outbound call center services
• Customer service calls
• Appointment setting calls
• Taking product ordering calls
• Phone help desk services
• Answering services
• Transcription services
• Telemarketing services
• Outbound product or service promotions
• Interactive voice response
• Email and chat support

SRSolutions offers a variety of outsourcing services to choose from that can be customized to any business. With cutting edge technology, SRSolutions will be able to take over a variety of business outsourcing projects, streamline the process and deliver results. These service and more are fully integrated and easily customized with SRSolutions.

SRSSolutions makes an effort to provide a fast turn around for every business project with the goal of streamlining the business process, decreasing costs, increasing return on investment and engaging in outsourced needs to create effective lead generation.

To get started with an outsourcing project, contact SRSolutions today through their website, www.srscallcenterservices.com or over the phone at 801-413-3485. SRSolutions is quick to respond to business inquiries and will follow-up each inquiry with a prompt phone call to inquire on outsourcing needs and business expectations. SRSolutions makes an effort to provide a fast turn around to help streamline the business process.

SRSolutions Call Center Services – Your next opportunity to improve customer interaction! We break through the limits in customer communication traditionally created by the outsource industry.