Some Effective Home Remedies For Treating Acne Outbreaks (copied some part)

Acne is a skin condition which is quite annoying and usually the manifestation is seen during the puberty stage. One of the major acne causes includes hormonal changes that further lead to hyperactive sebaceous glands. Thus, there is increase in the sebum secretion which plugs dead skin cells along with hair follicles. When bacteria grow in these plugged follicles, it results in pain and inflammation. Acne breakouts are quite common on shoulders, face, and chest region and neck area. Although a hormonal imbalance is caused owing to puberty, changes can also be due to hereditary factors and menstrual cycles. Thus, facing acne problems is common, but various ways and means can be used for keeping it controlled.

The problem can be subdued with various ways that range from over-the-counter medicines to methods of laser treatment. However, natural ingredients are used in home remedies for acne and apart from being inexpensive; they are quite safe for the skin. Given below are natural remedies for getting rid of acne:

1. Exercise regularly
2. Eat healthy
3. Don’t sleep on the face
4. Get enough sleep
5. Manage stress
6. Maintain hygiene

Vitalization of skin is of great importance and this can be achieved if the right foods are consumed. Unhealthy items should be completely eliminated from the diet. For example, general debility is caused due to consumption of fried foods, fatty foods, coffee, tobacco, alcohol and tea in excess. Therefore, one must definitely avoid consuming them. Similarly, various inactive habits act as an obstruction for healthy skin. If supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin A pills are taken for some weeks, they prove to be of great help.

Listed below are some home remedies for acne that are quite effective:

1. Lemon juice should be applied on pimples on a regular basis for reducing outbreaks.

2. Raw garlic should be massaged on acne spots for clearing toughest blemishes. Garlic should be consumed daily as it helps in the purification of blood stream.

3. A combination of mint juice and coriander juice along with turmeric powder should be applied each day before sleeping.

4. A paste of fenugreek leaves should be applied for preventing blackheads and pimples.

5. Grated cucumber should be applied over the eyes, neck and face for 15 minutes. Not only pimples and blackheads are prevented, but facial skin is also revitalized.

6. A paste of turmeric powder and neem leaves should be applied on acne daily.

7. A paste of cinnamon powder and honey is also a good remedy for treating acne.

These are some of the effective home remedies that can be tried for treatment of acne. The skin of each and every person gives a different response depending on sensitivity. Hence, the best remedy suiting the skin type should be selected. Apart from all these, one can also administer various herbal remedies at home. These include Aloe Vera extract as well as tea tree oil. Acne development is discouraged and the oiliness on skin is greatly reduced.

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