Searching For Buy Here Pay Here Vehicles

Until now it has been a real challenge to search for a Buy Here Pay Here vehicle by down payment or monthly payment. Thankfully it looks like many of our prayers have been answered by www.carlotfinance.com This new site which is set to launch in the next two months will allow dealers who finance their vehicles themselves to advertise the stock by monthly payment and down payment in the one area.

As a user of the site, we will be able to enter our desired monthly payment, down payment or a combination of the two of them. This will allow us to compare vehicles, within our local area, which we can feasibly purchase as long as we meet the basic requirements.

With 80% of Buy Here Pay Here consumers researching their next vehicle purchase online this will come as a massive step forward.

So, where the major players in the market place have failed, a small independent site has forged the way and patented the idea.

That site again: www.carlotfinance.com

Due September 2012, initially in the Charlotte, North Carolina area