Ronyasoft Introduces A New Poster Printing Software For All-Size Posters And Banners

Ronyasoft launches an innovative poster software for printing banners and posters of all sizes. The software enables with enhanced designs and multiple digital features.
Sobornosti Ave. 4, 43026 Lutsk, June 21, 2012- Ronyasoft launches poster software for printing posters and banners of larger format. This banner software has been enhanced with multiple digital features for executing variant designs on banners and poster. Ronyasoft launches its poster printer with efficiency to print banners of all sizes. According to a spokesperson of Ronyasoft, “Our software does not require any special plotters of poster and it can efficiently work with normal home or office printers”. As the spokesperson says, this poster program has definitely made banner printing much easier without the requirement of any huge banner size plotter or other digital equipments.
The new software launched by Ronyasoft enables pictures, Microsoft word documents, digital photos, Excel spreadsheets, CAD illustrations and power point presentations to be easily transformed in to personalized illustrated presentations as well as posters with multiple pages. A spokesperson of Ronyasoft claims, “All features of the program are easy to execute and any one without being an expert can perform it”. The work mode of the poster creator has been explained through simple methodologies. As declared, the poster maker utilizes any selected image and automatically enlarges it to a suitable poster size, alongside divides it into multiple pages under proper sequence and prints them accordingly.
Ronyasoft has launched its new poster creating program that is equipped with several digital features, which are of easy utility in poster and banner designing. The features includes poster printer of custom large format of about 10*10 m, several methods for image enlargement ( Bicubic, Lanczos, Bilinear and Hermite), support for TWAIN sources (digital cameras and scanners), imperial and metric measurements ability (mm, cm, inch), etc. Alongside, the software provides several distinguished features, which include numerous poster size templates to be chosen by the user and the facilitation of multiple GUI (Graphic User Interface). The company declares its new software to support clipboard operation and aid in partial poster or banner printing.
The new poster software can be operated on multiple environments like Windows 2000, Windows 2003 (64 & 32), Windows XP (64 & 32), Windows Vista (64 & 32), Windows 7 (64 & 32) and Windows 2008 (62 & 32).
About the company: Ronyasoft launches variant digital software for multiple purposes. The company has high expectations on its newly launched poster software and wishes it to benefit people as their previously launched programs. The company has earned a well reputation as a software provider and wills to do so in the upcoming time.
For more information, visit: http://www.ronyasoft.com/products/proposter/
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43026 Lutsk