Restaurant offers real authentic Scottish experience

When Scottish food is presented with its real essence it creates magical effect on diner. In restaurants of Glasgow chef prepares innovative dishes such as roast duck rice or frayed ham and pickled cabbage noodle soup.

Owner says, ”he opened restaurant in  Glasgow with 8 chefs and 10 other helping staff because of less Scottish population in initial years of establishment but with passage of time and customer’s preference, their restaurant has recognized fame through out the world. Chefs are real protagonist because of them diners visit frequently to their restaurant. School and college students also love their food with Scottish aroma. Generally, people have their own taste and they prefer to eat accordingly. Some do not prefer much blended food, deep fried, laded with heavy sauces, breaded and sweetened rather they prefer authentic Scottish food which is more appetizing, more diverse and cooked in ways that consist of less oil.

Because the food catered in restaurant is authentic, Mexicans and Scotts flock there. Recently they have introduced buzzer system because it created mess when everybody gathered at the counter but these days diner had to wait for his order number and when buzzer tool starts beeping up they can go to collect their order.

“A lot of our customers are Mexicans and Scotts “, said owner of restaurant in Glasgow. About 40 percent of them prefer innovative Scottish dishes on daily basis while 60percent of them prefer their traditional Scottish food. The restaurant has been doing well. They serve about 200 customers a day so far which is a big achievement.