Remote Handle PRO

Remote Manage Pro is an enterprize-good quality remote manage computer software for network management in a corporate network. With utilizing Remote Manage Pro, a Network Administrator can control network servers as if they are operating straight on the target Computer. With Remote Handle Pro the Network Administrator sees the remote Computer screen on their monitor and use their own keyboard and mouse as if they are connected to that remote desktop.

Remote Handle Pro has an outstanding list of functions which takes this totally free item to the best of the competitive remote handle software:

* High Performance. The killing kernel mode driver technologies employed in Remote Manage PRO allows it to make thousands screen updates per second.

* Low CPU load. We maintain the remote Computer CPU load as low as 5-ten% simply because of the kernel mode driver usage and optimized compression algorithms.

* Completely Protected Encryption. Remote Control PRO uses 128-bit RC4 protocol encryption that makes this remote administration tool usage absolutely protected even in Wide Location Networks.

* Network Protocol Plugins. Remote Handle PRO utilizes superior network plugin program that abstracts network transport layer from client application and permits the system to use network protocols transparently to client.

* Multiple Client Connections. IT staff members can jointly manage and repair problem computers, execute remote backups and do other remote administration job because the system permits numerous connections to a remote Computer.

* Unattended setup. You can install Remote Handle Pro to hundreds of computers in your LAN in minutes.

You can try Remote Handle PRO for cost-free since there is a trial version accessible for cost-free download on the site of the manufacturer: To hold the software program, you will pay only $15 US for a workstation (Remote Manage PRO is licensed on the “per seat” basis), web site license and volume discounts also available.

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