Refurbish Your Motorhome

Motorhomes are one of the greatest additions you can have to your home. They are ideal when you want to go for long camping trips while still maintaining the consolation of a home. Nonetheless just like all other vehicles and appliances, motorhomes do wear out with time. If you are wondering how to restore the lost glory of your motorhome, here are some how to refurbish a motorhome measures to follow.

Step one: empty the motorhome

The starting of refurbishing should be removing all the parts that are detachable from the motorhome. Take out the seat cushions, curtains, carpet and all other soft goods. Once eliminated, give them a thorough analysement to find the ones that you will be keeping and the ones you need to discard. Once you have divided the bad from the good ones, wash the good pieces and air them thoroughly as you will need to replace them after you are finished with the refurbishing.

Step two: examining the fixtures

The most important fixtures in a motorhome include the range, plumbing and the icebox or refrigerator. Take your time and assess them cautiously. This will help you establish whether you have any dysfunctional parts. examine whether the range and gas is leaking and whether the plumbing is still intact. If you find any problems with the plumbing, have them corrected by an abilityed to prevent long term disasters.

Step three: examining the roof for leaks

The next step should be checking the roof and the sides of the campers to make sure that there are no leaks there. Try and find evidence that will indicate water has been seeping inside the motorhome. If there are pools of water or rusted elements; make sure you repair the parts that are rusted and then seal the leaks. If you find that there are no leaks, you can move on to the next step.

Step four: cleaning up the inside of the motorhome

The next step should be thoroughly cleaning the inner parts of the motorhome. Warm soapy water does a great job on both the walls and the floor. For the stove and sinks, you can use a mild abrasive to scour until they shine like they are new. Take time to clean all the elements of the motorhome. You will be amazed at how great it appears soon after a little bit of attention.

Step five: repairing the bits that cannot be repaired

When everything is clean and new-looking, take an analysement of the parts that you removed mainly because they couldn’t be repaired. Replace all the parts with new ones. Oil the wooden cabinets and make sure the hinges are functional. Get new foam and make new cushions for the inside. If the curtains were too old or worn out, replace them with new one.

Those are the five easy tips for motorhome refurbishment. It is important to keep in mind that a motorhome is a vehicle and it needs all the care and attention you give regular cars. If you feel you do not have the skill to do the refurbishing, why not let a professional do it for you?

When you buy a motor home, you’re going through the same process as buying a car, but in many cases it costs you a lot more money. You are going to want to perform some research so you know your pricing possibilities before you visit the dealer. Remember that the average salesman won’t think twice about taking advantage of your lack of knowledge. Don’t agree to the first proposal and make a price comparison at no less than three locations.

Before you decide to place down a penny, discover what type of services the dealer and manufacturer offer. It’s important to know that you have safeguards if anything at all goes wrong. If you know anyone with a travel trailer check with them to check out their experiences.

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