Picking Drapes for The Home

Picking out paint colors, drapes, and curtains for your home can be a joy to some, but a pain in the neck for other people. If you are a person who shows difficulty in deciding on colors, styles and fabrics, picking drapes alone can be impossible. Do not fret, though. Taking advantage of a professional designer can be an easy way to provide your home with the look you want .

In fact, when we work together to choose drapes in Hanover Park, it can be fun! It is an expression of yourself and your home’s personality. Read the following guide so when you call we have a place to begin.

Different Drapes for Different Rooms

Different drapes can be used in different areas of the house. Floor length draperies and curtains can add a nice formal touch to any dining room or foyer. Floor length drapes also help to make your ceiling look taller. A pleated drapery can be used to add a touch of elegance to your sitting room. Floor lengths are good for low traffic areas, and add a sense of grace to the room. Make sure to use shorter draperies if you have young children and cats!

Elements of Drapery Style

The choices for curtains truly abound. Specific styles can be found or created to go really well with the other decorations in the room . For instance, using a Cape Cod curtain in basement windows can give the window a good covering, but not look out of place like a drapery can. Cape Cods can also fit well in your kitchen as just a simple curtain. If you are looking for romantic scenes use drapes with bow tiebacks in your bedroom or sitting room. You can also go with a more traditional and subtle look of tab curtains in any room.

Drapery Fabrics and Colors

Personality can also be added to the room by the fabric you choose for your drapes. Fabrics can be eco friendly or fuctional, coming in a wide variety of colors and textures, as well as weights. Some of the more functional curtains can include a blackout lining that can be used to make any room completely dark. This feature would be great for watching movies or sleeping during the day time. Flame retardant fabrics are available if that is a concern for you and eco-friendly, organic and “green” fabrics are becoming more widely available if your interests tend in that direction.

Drapes are just one of many fine window treatments that will add unique style to your home.

If you are on the hunt for exceptional drapes in Barrington or someone to help you with your curtains in Barrington then this interior design company must be your very first call.