Perimeter Security A Rising Concern For Companies Worldwide

[Austin, TX] – June 30, 2012 – Each year, construction sites are inflicted with a grand total of $1 billion in estimated damages from theft of goods on the premises. When one stops to consider that construction sites are just one location where outdoor security is an issue, it quickly becomes clear that without handling this security the right way, there is a huge potential to lose a lot of assets that could cost companies a small fortune. This is why more and more businesses are becoming determined to do all they can to install the very best not just in smart fences, but also motion detectors which can signal an intruder alert and make sure that something is done before trespassers become vandals or even thieves. These systems are the heart and soul of security solutions today and they are crucial because they can do what even the best trained humans are not always able to do: keep watch at a variety of points day and night without needing breaks. This is so important and now that companies are seeing just how much damage can be inflicted in a very short amount of time, many are growing determined to handle things as wisely as they can.

Smarter Security is one company that has focused on providing the very best in security solutions for outdoor premises and has years of experience making these solutions be custom fit to an individual client company’s needs. This goes further than many other security firms that only provide the technology. The fact is, without having a state of the art Perimeter intrusion detection installed the right way, experts say, it is not going to be able to protect the property as effectively as it could. Having experts on hand to take care of this side of things and also to do maintenance and offer critical advice can really make the difference. Smarter Security has been able to build up its reputation for excellence by doing exactly these things and making sure the companies it serves have the very best coverage possible to keep security at incredible levels appropriate for today’s businesses.

Those who want to find out more of how Smarter Security can meet both their outdoor and indoor security needs should visit smartersecurity.com for more information. Or they are welcome to call 1-800-943-0043 and ask any questions they may have to a qualified representative.

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