Pallet Pooling Benefits

In a fully developed pallet pool, pallets are used to transfer goods right throughout the supply chain with minimal manual handling of products. Standard pallets are used right through from factory to retail store and in some cases used as part of in-store product storage and display. As the product flows through the supply chain pallets are transferred from one participants account to the next in a truly user pays arrangement. Responsibility for ensuring pallets is in optimum condition lies with Loscam with clients using its HMS system to record the movement of pallets.
Loscam pallets offer the latest in quality and durability for returnable packaging systems. The pallets are readily available, pooled for transfer between customers to reduce client costs, with hire and de-hire depots throughout Australia and Asia. Loscam maintains the standards of its pallets at automated repair facilities and offers a Hire Management System to track your transactions.

Benefits of Loscam Pallet Pooling include;

No capital investment required as pallets are used on a daily basis as required
All repairs handled by Loscam ensuring high quality pallets are available every time
Just complete Loscam transfer dockets when shipping pallets and Loscam takes care of the rest
Loscam systems handle automatic account reconciliation and enable ad hoc reporting as required
Loscam can supply additional pallets quickly to meet urgent needs, promotions and peak season demand
Loscam shared pallet pool is better for the environment as overall pallet numbers are minimized and Loscam recycles pallet components
For those companies that require pallets for internal use only, Loscam is also able to take care of your needs. The Loscam BUYBACK service also enables those companies who have invested in their own pallets to sell these to Loscam, where upgrades and repairs are undertaken and then the pools are rented back to the client, converting a fixed cost into a more manageable variable cost. The BUYBACK service provides cash flow benefits to clients, lightens the balance sheet of non-core assets, reduces associated head counts and gives greater flexibility during periods of peak demand.

Loscam pallet pooling lead to increased efficiency, reduced product damage and faster cycle times and are helping to address rising supply chain and labour costs and the need for increased velocity of products from factory to consumer. Loscam actively promotes cross border trade through its network of strategically located service depots supporting our customers who aim to rationalise production facilities and take advantage of the growing success of free trade agreements.

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