Nocturnal Enuresis-Bed Wetting Solutions – Many Different Ones To Choose From

Discovering bed wetting solutions is something that parents take a lot of effort searching for when they have an older kid with a bedwetting situation. There are many products availible that offer aid in keeping the child from wetting at night, but these are not truly solutions that will remedy the bed wetting indefenately. When a child continues wetting the bed or revisits bedwetting after the age of 5, an intensive investigation must be carried out by a health care provider. Usually bedwetting stops as the child’s bladder grows and he/she learns to understand the signs of a full bladder during the night. There are a lot of bed wetting solutions available for parents to make use of.

One of the most normal bed wetting solutions is to make use of one of the several bed wetting alarms that are availible. A lot of different manufacturers make these alarms and they are not all alike or equally effective. It might take some testing to find the one that works for your child. These alarms are devices with moisture detection systems. As soon as moisture is sensed, an alarm goes off to wake up the child so that he/she will go to the bathroom instead of wetting the bed. You still need to use urine collection products such as liners or pull ups along with these bedwetting solutions because they do take some time to alter the sleep/waking tendencies.

Still, with using bed wetting alarms as a solution, in the case of children who are extra deep sleepers, they may still need to be awakened by parents. The sound of the alarm will have to be altered so that parents will wake up when it goes off, if this is the situation. They also have be reset, so children have to learn to do this or the parents need to be awake so that they are able to reset the alarm. These bed wetting solutions tend to take about 4 to 6 weeks before the child becomes used to being awakened by the sound of the alarm. They also must be snug so that they will not come off in the night and they need to be comfortable. If these factors are not taken into consideration, then the alarms will not be effective bedwetting solutions.

Studies with the use of bed wetting alarms have shown that they are the most efficient bed wetting solutions. After 12 to 14 weeks of continuous use, the child learns bladder control and will wake up when he/she needs to make use of the restroom. Though there are medications that are also useful bedwetting solutions, they do have side effects that can make the child ill. also, when you apply medication as a solution for bed wetting, as soon as the child stops taking the medication, bedwetting will resume.

Some of the other bed wetting solutions involve hypnosis, chiropractic therapy and exercises to atrengthen the muscles of the bladder. Of all of these, however, the bed wetting alarms have proven to be the most effective of all. This is because they use behavior modification as the method of bed wetting solution, which is the one that will last.

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