New Range of Cashmere Scarfs and Cashmere Shawls

Virginia, United States July 30, 2012 – L’affaire Cashmere introduces a new range of cashmere scarves and cashmere shawls. The range comprises of beautiful solid colors, yarn dyed checks and stripes and hand embroideries!


As we know Pashmina/Cashmere is derived from the down bearing trans-Himalayan goat bred in Tibet, Ladakh, India’s northernmost region.  It is often also referred to as the shawl goat or the pashmina goat, or Changthangi goat.  The fleece of this goat is called ‘pashm’, hence the name pashmina or cashmere (because of its proximity to the geographical region Kashmir) is given to the yarn spun out of this fleece.


The pashmina/cashmere wraps have been desired and treasured by Mughal Emperors, Sikh Maharajas, Iranian and Russian Nobles, French Empresses and the British Aristocrats. In contemporary times also, it is treasured by people looking for genuineness and beauty and authenticity in a product.


Cashmere/Pashmina has been featured in the collections of designers like Dontella Versace, Armani and Issey Miyake.  They had also been endorsed by high priestess of style Oprah Winfrey when she featured Charla Krupp of Glamour magazine on her show to demonstrate “How to tie a pashmina shawl”.


Although the designs of cashmere/pashmina scarves, stoles and shawls keep going in and out of fashion, but the desire and demand for the soft drape of cashmere and pashmina is perennial; the colors preferences and the designs may vary from season to season, but old and new generations alike have fallen for the charm of irresistible cashmere scarf!


L’affaire Cashmere takes pride in bringing to its customers nothing less than the fine cashmere/pashmina, the best sourced from Nepal and Kashmir.  All the products have a super soft luxurious touch to them.


The prices range from USD 45 to USD 600 approximately and right now there is a discount offer going on for a few more days.  Please enter dn016 at checkout to avail of 15% discount!


L’affaire Cashmere sells to individuals through e-commerce retailing; it also welcomes the queries on wholesale basis.  Please mail to info@laffairecashmerer.com.


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For authentic and hand embroidered pashmina/Pashmina shawls and stoles, visit www.laffairecashmere.com.