Need an Arizona DUI lawyer? Rosenstein Law group is the best.

31st July 2012 – A DUI is a horrible way to end the night, but it happens about 900,000 times a year. While one third of those are repeat offenders, that leaves 2/3 of that number as first time offenders – many of which may not have even realized that they were operating over the legal limit of blood alcohol content.

If you were arrested and need an Arizona DUI Lawyer, the quicker you call one the better it is – time is essential in such cases because of the way the legal system works – once a certain point of the process is past, there is no reeling it back. The sooner you speak to an attorney, the more that attorney can do to help you avoid a damaging and costly conviction.

If you come to the Rosenstein Law Group for your DUI attorney in Arizona you have made the right choice – they have a long history of dealing with such cases, and their attorneys are experts at effective strategies for minimizing the effects of a DUI arrest. They will treat you in a nonjudgmental, compassionate fashion and explain the entire process in clear, everyday language that will allow you to understand what is happening.

DUI is a crime, but it is not like other crimes – usually it is a mistake in judgment and has no ill effects to others – there is nothing predatory about it. But it does thrust you into the criminal justice system, right alongside murderers and robbers, and it can be very disorienting for someone who made a simple error in judgment.

That is why it is so important to contact an attorney immediately. At the Rosenstein Law Group they have personnel standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are ready to start exploring every facet of the case, searching for a strategy to bring about a dismissal of the charges.

This service includes a free, no risk initial consultation – they want you to understand very clearly exactly what you are up against, and the fact that whether there is a conviction or not it is a process that will cost a certain amount of money; however, delaying calling a DUI attorney in Arizona will greatly increase the chances of conviction and the increased cost that comes with that; if that happens the costs will extend for years instead of months and be many times more expensive.

Every AZ DUI lawyer is not an expert on this type of crime – an aggressive Arizona DUI Attorney can sometimes be a good thing, but it is a tactic that many attorneys overuse. If you have been convicted of DUI’s in the past, or if it involves other charges such as hit and run, contact the lawyers at Rosenstein Law Group, an AZ DUI attorney that has the experience, tactics and skill to mitigate the arrest as much as is possible. More may be done than you think possible, but you must call immediately upon arrest, and not answer any questions until a competent DUI lawyer in Arizona has had a chance to talk to you.

Put it in your wallet, and be careful – but if you have a momentary lapse of judgment and are arrested, cal the Rosenstein Law Group at once at 480-248-7666.

If you need an Arizona DUI Attorney there is not time to waste – for the best defense strategies, call a Arizona DUI Lawyer as soon as possible!