Mymiraclebaby.com Launches Its Special Preemie Clothing Line To Help Save Preenies Lives

Atlanta, USA–14 July 2012– My Miracle Baby.com, being experts in baby clothing, noticed that many parents with preemies made hasty decisions and bought clothing that are way inappropriate for their babies that were born prematurely.

This should never be the case as preemies are not normal new-borns. They are babies that are born prematurely, meaning their bodies are normal not fully developed like normal new borns’. This often translates to the need for special care and that includes preemie clothes as they are no longer protected by the amniotic fluid that protects them while they are in their mother’s womb. At the same times their bodies are well not well prepared for life outside the womb.

So new parents that drape their preemies in the normal baby clothes, meant for the normal new borns, have good intentions alright. But the clothes they use are way inappropriate for the premature baby and can lead to further complications.

It is in this regard that MyMircalceBaby.com performs miracles almost literally. Just one dash to their shop or click on their online shop is enough to help such parents get the right clothes for their newly born infants. And because such parents are often in some sort of state of despair, MyMircalceBaby.com helps defuse the tension by delivering the clothes to these desperate parents.

Being in this line of business long enough, they are well aware that every minute counts for infants born pre-maturely during these critical first few days of its life. And because they are aware that parents buying preemie clothes are never prepared, their prices are way below the market rate.  “It’s not just about making sales,” says the CEO, “every baby born prematurely needs all the help they can get.”

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