MoshiMoshiHonpo Provides Dealership On Willcom ウィルコム (Wi Fi Connection Service)

MoshiMoshiHonpo provides dealership on Willcom in Japan; the popular ウィルコム (wifi connection service) network that offers multiple Wi-Fi benefits.
City, State, June 30, 2012: MoshiMoshiHonpo provides dealership on Willcom; the most popular ウィルコム (wifi connection service) network in Japan. Willcom being a PHS operator offers wireless transmission network at a flat rate. It also offers voice calls on a flat rate to its premium subscribers The Willcom network possess the largest half of the PHS market in Japan. With a commercial turn in PHS network, most of such companies are withdrawing their PHS sectors. MoshiMoshiHonpo is adequately providing dealership on Willcom, the only remaining PHS network in Japan.
With the PHS users, the situation seemed to be a bit tensed, as PHS operators have initially closed their sectors, but Willcom continues with its PHS operation, receiving the adorability of its consumers. Numerous subscribers are utilizing the Willcom ウィルコムWI-FI service to stay connected with social networks. Some utilizes it for voice calls whereas; some are fond of its apps. The number of Willcom subscribers in Japan almost reached to four million and above on May, 2006. According to a spokesperson of MoshiMoshiHonpo, ‘We are providing dealership on this PHS operator with a motive to enhance its productivity and also highlight the advantages it provides over the former PHS networks in Japan’. With accordance to the spokesperson’s statement, it can be evidentially declared that there are not shortages of Willcom users in Japan and people are probably finding certain beneficiaries with its applications.
PHS has achieved most of its success due to its low-priced rates. Initially, it provoked the contemporary cellular telecommunication companies to lower down their price rates in competition to the increasing PHS users. The PHS has limited reachable portability whereas, the cellular networks expanded and covered more of the national and international locations. However, with MoshiMoshiHonpo’s dealership on Willcom ウィルコム (wifi connection service), it seems that the PHS fans are increasing by the date. The affordability of PHS and its WI-FI status makes it hugely popular among the all-time subscribers. Willcom is equipped with WI-FI features in all modes, whereas, the cellular telephones provides WI-FI on specific modes. The broad wireless network of PHS makes it more popular among the subscribers.
According to a spokesperson of MoshiMoshiHonpo, “Our dealership is meant to expand and enhance the PHS capability and its benefits among the public”. With the increasing numbers of Willcom subscribers, the following PHS operator might tend to achieve its highlights internationally.
About the company: MoshiMoshiHonpo.com offers dealership on willcom and is very strict on its productivity. The company tends to highlight Willcom’s popularity and beneficiaries and has achieved a remark in so, with a motive for its continuation.
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