Milk Your Money Cow

How to take advantage of your market and thrive even if others are saying situations are tough!Have you ever come to the end of a work day, having given it your very best, but you just knew there is more organization in your market to be had?There is a consulting approach that’s been around for more than the usual dozen years maybe nearer to twenty called “360A feedback.” It infers that feed back should be sought from all directions, at all levels from both inside and outside the organization, on the organization’s performance.The “Milk Your Money Cow” concept is really a 360A marketing concept which suggests that marketing should be performed from all feasible directions, at all levels, while still being closely targeted.The argument might be made that there is no such thing being an infinite marketing budget. So, while maintaining traditional marketing within prudent limits, there are methods to increase and amplify that marketing to increase results.Here are some suggestions which could show helpful:1. On of minimal costly, yet many successful advertising opportunities is a good USP (unique selling proposition). It’s the reason why the public must do business with one organization versus any and other options.2. Realizing that the cost of getting a brand new customer through the entranceway is eight times the cost of getting an existing customer to buy, and acknowledging that the 80/20 rule applies, maybe eighty percent of a marketing effort and cost may be better put into exploiting repeat business.3. Point-of-sale is really a leverage point that to improve both sales and earnings. Do this using verbal idea selling (closing) strategies, visual displays (chocolate or incidentals at the money register), and usually express the company’s key concept, such as an USP (unique selling proposition ).4. Every affiliate is a likely marketer. Time spent teaching team members to be effective entrepreneurs is time well spent. Not only does it help increase sales, but it also makes colleagues feel a lot more like downline. It reinforces a feeling of purpose and belonging.5. Virtually every other entity of the community is a possible partner in the company’s advertising. Some way more than others, but practically every group locally is really a possible joint venture partner. Just about any member of town is really a likely “word-of-mouth” marketer. Time spent having a strategy to grow people as a result should also be observed as a power point for the marketing department.6. Assessment is vital to keep advertising clean, applicable, and enhanced. Marketing features to test frequently, are statements, printed sales content, core concept scripting, USP wording, point-of-sale scripting, exhibition sales scripting, jv strategies, word-of-mouth stimulation strategies, advertising media, advertising campaigns,… the number is almost endless.7. Online marketing possibilities abound. On the web marketing must be coordinated with the company’s central marketing theme. On the web marketing can be quite cost-effective.As confirmed here, marketing can be done cost-effectively, as it must. Marketing should be a profit center, not really a price. They are just a couple of types of approaches to “milk your cash cow,” even though the business hasn’t formerly been a cow.Copyright A 2009 By Gene Shambaugh

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