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July 25, 2012 – 420 MD Evaluation is continually dedicated to providing their patients with the best medical marijuana recommendation services in Los Angeles and to start the month right, were offering a special online discount for new and returning patients. You can be confident with 420 MD Evaluation’s staff and MD’s for they are knowledgeable, compassionate and they are always ready to answer any questions that you might have regarding your ailments and health.

Conveniently located in both Crenshaw & Willowbrook in Los Angeles, California. 420 MD Evaluation is proud to serve the patients of the greater Los Angeles Area six days per week. Our Physicians are certified by the California Medical Board and are in full compliance with the California Medical Association Guidelines regarding Medical Cannabis. Qualified patients receive free 24/7 online verifications in addition to voice verification. Appointments and walk-ins welcome!

420 MD Evaluation offers a gateway to alternative medication even if you have a life threatening illness cannabis can help you. Could be a much healthier and safer route than what conventional medicine can offer. The most obvious effects of marijuana are on the nervous system and the brain. The initial effect are pain reduction, nausea is calmed and appetite is stimulated. There is some question over how much, if any, actual changes occur in the brain with chronic use. Versus that of prescription medication which has concrete evidence of brain, liver corrosion and plenty more. To see if you qualify for medical cannabis visit their list of qualifying conditions. Check out 420 MD Evaluation’s website to learn the law and patient’s rights when it comes to medical cannabis.

Become a part of the medical marijuana community and Like 420 MD Evaluation on Facebook to get the most up-to-date information on the evaluation center and medical marijuana news. Feel free to leave your own comments to let them know how they’re doing or if you have any questions leave them on their contact us section. Dealing with autoimmune diseases, hunger suppression from chemo and other life threatening condition are difficult to deal with contact the professionals at 420 MD Evaluation today, they looking ward to hearing from you.

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