Latest Ideas In Jewellery Making

Today people get so crazy about Jewellery. Some want diamonds everywhere and every gadget. In the latest, A Jewellery designer in London, Stuart Hughes has introduced one extraordinary mobile which is covered by Diamonds. The cell phone is the Apple iPhone 4S. The exterior body of the phone contains 500 diamonds. The diamonds contain total more than 100 carats.

The home button of this iPhone contains two diamonds. From which one is 7.4 carat single cut pink diamonds and the other one is 8-carat flawless single cut diamond. The logo of ell phone apple is covered with 53 diamonds which makes the phone more beautiful. The phone’s back side is covered with rose gold plated. Now do you know what is the price of these royal cell phone means Hughes’ Apple iPhone 4S? The price is nearly $9.5 million US dollars.

These types of jewellery lovers have lots of money but every person is not capable to shop these types of things. So don’t upset, today costume or Fashion jewellery comes in very cheaper price and they look stunning on every outfit. These jewelries contain several beads in its manufacturing which provide it a gorgeous look.

The main thing about these jewelries is that you can make it at your home also. The several techniques for making costume jewellery:
– Techniques of bead stringing
– Metal clay techniques
– Wire work methods
– Fabrication techniques

These techniques are so simple to understand. In this way you can save your lots of money. The material which require in the making of these jewellery is available easily at any shop around your area. If you want best and quality materials in cheaper price than online shopping is the best way. Many online shops provide you hundreds of designs in materials like glass beads, Pandora beads, Shamballa beads and Swarovski beads. These materials make your jewellery more beautiful.

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