Kids Bikes- The Best Gift for Your Kids

Many parents would have already realized the fact that their children are really growing faster. You cannot expect your child to ride the tricycle even after crossing 3 years. Riding a bicycle is not as easy as riding a tricycle. In fact, riding bicycle teaches your kids pedaling, braking, steering and inertia. In fact, one of the most important aspects that tricycles fail to teach your child is balancing. When your kid learns balancing with the help of a bicycle, riding any other vehicle will become easy.

A kid should be four years or more to ride two-wheelers. However, it has been said that 5 years is the average age many children start to ride two wheelers.

Balance, agility and coordination will very much happen in kids aging between 4 to 8 years. Physical strength is not the only thing required for riding a bicycle comfortably. In fact, child should be motivated and self confident in order to get started with the venture of ‘big kids bikes’. When you have taught your kid how to ride a kids bike, you will definitely realize that it requires a lot of patience. If your child is not motivated to ride a bicycle, learning the skills of bicycling could become a daunting task.

How to Choose Bikes for Kids

The diameter of the wheel is the first thing to look for in order to choose a kids bike according to child’s age and height, rather than considering the frame size and seat’s height. The comfort of using brakes should also be examined, as brakes are the major parts of any vehicle. You should also teach your child how and when to apply the brakes correctly. If your kid is too small to use big brakes, you can consider a kids bike with coaster brakes.

How about Dirt Bikes for Kids?

The great thing about mini dirt bike or kids dirt bike is that it is stuffed with all the features of a professional dirt bike. Well, what makes it different is less power, small size and less weight. Two-stroke engine is given in most of dirt kids bike with a cubic capacity of 49 on average. This engine has a capacity to store gas up to half gallon. There is no age limitation for these bikes and moreover, you will find many new models introduced to the market every month. Hence, there is nothing to be surprised when you see these bikes enjoying a great popularity.

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