Internet Search Engine Helpful Website Design and Advertising

Search engine friendly web design might not be described as a phrase you have ever encounter before but it is something you should know about.Most people on the web work with a search engine to find products and services and services and if your website is not search engine friendly it’ll not be exhibited in the most notable results.There are components of the design of a that make it search engine friendly and you should make certain that your web designer is fully alert to them. These include issues such as not using frames (because they information within them can’t be read by internet search engine spiders/bots) and not having too many links on a page (maintain the amount to under 100). There also needs to be plenty of words on a page because pictures do not tell Google and Bing etc enough about what your web page is about. Because they return results based on meaning to a query, they need to find out what your site is about.If the design is operating against you, you don’t have much hope of going forward.Once you have a site that can certainly be crawled and listed by the bots/spiders, you will begin to be shown in the results pages when web people enter a that matches what your site is about. However, there are pages and pages of returned results and many people only look at the top few. If your site is languishing constantly in place 500, the possibilities are that no-one will find you so you need to market your site.You could market your site both on a traditional because both techniques will help with knowing of your site and your products/services. When advertising offline, do not forget to put your web address.Online adverting is generally angled towards Google because it is by far the greatest internet search engine and there are two advertising strategies you should use to look on it.The first is by using Google AdWords (usually called PPC or pay-per-click advertising). Applying PPC, you pay to have an advert appear on the website (payment is just due whenever an user really clicks on your advert). It’s a good approach to make sure you appear quickly on Google, nevertheless the disadvantage is that the moment you stop paying to appear, your ads stop showing and so you drop that on-line presence. AdWords is simple to utilize but requires a lot of back ground reading to make it as effective as possible.A longer term strategy is search engine optimisation (SEO). It requires considering on and off-site elements to advertise your website in the search engines. The goal is to get your site position well in the natural search results (rather than the paid people where you would present in AdWords). Web customers tend to trust the normal results more simply because they aren’t paid-for. Natural research result rankings are determined by Google’s key algorithm of about 200 elements. It must be mentioned that AdWords use doesn’t affect natural search engine results so you do not have to use AdWords to list properly in Google’s natural listings.If you are able it, it is a good idea to use both AdWords and SEO to boost your web presence and brand awareness. Ideally you should work with a specialist marketing company because their information will result in a more effective campaign and keep you from potential pitfalls such as having your site slipped by Google for applying so-called ‘black hat’ SEO techniques, or losing your budget in AdWords because you did not use negative keywords.You might find that you web design company is able to present marketing companies too which will be advantageous to you because the entire build and marketing of your site can be held within one company. As the best results originate from a partnership, and your design company will already know you and your company well, this might be your best option.Whatever you do along with your website design and advertising, don’t forget to help keep the search engines, particularly Google, greatly in your mind.

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