Income and Monkey Business – Part TWO

Most of us must admit that income could be the driving force of the region as well as every other. Likewise, we as an individuals are working relentlessly to obtain, yes, a regular paycheck or some form of wage or salary-that is MONEY. I know that I am! Think about you? See it doesn’t matter whether it’s an on the web Kahoona such as Google or a traditional existence such as the Ny Stock Exchange, most businesses view MONEY as the measuring stick or gauge through which SUCCESS is ultimately measured. However, we must remember behind every dollar bill there stands a PERSON keeping it in their comprehension, either officially or illegally.It is PEOPLE who comprise, make up, and are the backbone of business, industry, and business. Thus, the recommendations of the person( s) for hire, or currently in your team NOW could be of extreme importance, and can’t be stressed or said enough. The staff or business person should bring to the table not just a resume of knowledge and experience, but additionally an ethical code of work ethics, excellence, and strength. Or even, MONKEY BUSINESS may possibly just enter into play in your business.This is now particularly true as recently for a lot of online as well as traditional companies. See I remember an occasion when junk was just a food. However, in this modern and pc scientific era of the Internet, SPAM is something we all STILL want to AVOID! Spam could be thought as the ABUSE of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately (reference: Wikipedia.com). Moreover, this form of monkey business is becoming more widespread and is now involving all forms of digital media.So with this computer experienced age of internet business and even in local firms, we find a large number of individuals swinging from trees engaging in illegal and dishonest business practices such as invading other peoples solitude through BANK CARD THEFT, IDENTITY THEFT, SPYWARE, COMPUTER VIRUSES and all kinds of INTERNET INCOME GENERATING SCAMS and FRAUD, and all for what? INCOME or INFORMATION! So with an economy has come a better rise of desperate people, and on the internet you will find them operating on TROJAN HORSES.So what are we to accomplish, particularly with a billion dollar market such as the internet, and unlike our current day job market, that’s not showing a decline in the number of jobs, but are slowly promising much more home based opportunities? In my opinion where business is involved, it must be summed up and calculated by the character of the person( s), worker( s), businessman or woman. So this is what the Bible must say about making the best business along with personal choices, connections, and relationships.In the Book of Exodus 18:21, God tells leader and a.k.a C.E.O. businessman Moses, “Moreover you shall provide out of all of the people (i.e. candidates) capable men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness (i.e. greedily needing something that belongs to a different). Consequently, moral brilliance, reality, and a wholesome fear of God and respect for one another is KEY to operating together in a spirit of unity. Here we shall realize that goals and ideas are shared, weaknesses in workers are not played upon, but are achieved by others strengths, and where diversity in the office is embraced, and all making for happy customers and a community of people.Finally, all companies were created with equal rights, but not all are working under legal rights. So watch out for all those apes out there moving from money trees and scratching their greedy bellies, and all for the love of MONEY!

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