IMP Interactive Unveils its Plans to Launch a New Video Magazine Called Weapons of War

Malmö, Sweden, July 20, 2012  International Masters Publishers or IMP Interactive, one of the leading names in the world of online publications, has just uncovered its plans to release yet another magazine-the Weapons of War Video Magazine. The magazine will be available for download on iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices and will feature some fascinating new material and videos about military hardware, weapons system and the history of warfare.


International Masters Publishers is a publishing house with their presence across 35 countries. Their products cover and extensive range of topics from cooking to crafting, gardening to home repair, computers to classical music, home and hobbies and even entertainment and education. They are well known around the world for their high quality publications that are designed as per their customer’s needs, are clearly written and include beautiful photography and various imaginative illustrations.


Mathias Tonnesson, Editor-in-chief Weapons of War Video Magazine said, ”The Weapons of War video magazine takes entertainment in the field of military technology and warfare to a whole new level. The different Video Magazines will keep users fascinated for hours. They will include feature-length documentaries that will bring all the power, drama and fascination of military hardware, weapons systems and the history of warfare to you in a way you’ve never seen before! It will be like having an entire encyclopedia right inside your iPad or Android device.”


The magazine will be packed full with information, spectacular documentary style footage and in-depth commentary on combat action from some key conflicts in history. It will also include awe inspiring facts about military hardware and weapon systems, interactive animations and some rare historic photographs from many important events in battle history. War history enthusiasts and military aficionados will find this video magazine to be one of the most comprehensive and interactive resources of warfare information available.


For more information on the magazine, please visit http://www.weaponsofwarmagazine.com/


About The Company


International Masters Publishers is an established name in the world of online publications. For 40 years, they have been publishing high quality collections for the home and families on a variety of interesting topics. IMP Interactive is the digital subsidiary of International Masters Publishers and are engaged into designing various interactive apps for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android.


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