Imams Jordan stepping up their protests

and intervene to stop the security services in the mosques, according to the slogans they offered a sit-in in front of the Royal Court, the center of the capital Amman. And carried about two hundred representatives of the Imams protest to demand pressure on the government and the Ministry of Awqaf to go in the project to establish a union for workers in the mosques, having agreed to by the previous government after a series of protests carried out by imams in recent months. Commented sitters slogans on the outside wall of the Royal Court, including the “raising hands the security services of the Ministry of Awqaf and its directorates and mosques, “and” no substitute for meeting the King. “and accused the President of the Preparatory Committee of the Union of Imams and workers in the mosque, Dr Majid age and the Ministry of Awqaf they had established the law establishing the union to be included, demanding the government to immediately discuss the Law of the Association. also called Omari King Abdullah II to heed to the demands of the imams and listen to their complaints, saying that the imams safety valve of the country, they can address millions of people every Friday, pointing out that they are suffering difficult economic circumstances do not find what fills their needs. Says the imams in the mosques and the workers, who number about five thousand, they suffer from poor living conditions that result from poor salaries and lack of job security for many of them. A number of them that corruption permeates the body and the Ministry of Awqaf and departments, which pushed them to demand the union represent them. For its part, expressed amazement at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs invitation to sit, she filed the request for the union to the prime minister and that action is going according to frameworks set.

She said in a statement that the Ministry understood the demands of the imams and raised Alautem all by 90% of their salaries late 2011, which included imams, preachers, preachers and muezzins, servants and administrators, as well as some increases resulting from the restructuring early 2012. Criminal court in Kuwait today to ten years imprisonment on the Shia Hamad pure, having considered that the security of the country to danger insulting to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Sunni rulers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, through the social networking site “Twitter”. A lawyer for the accused, told Reuters that the sentence issued by Judge Hisham Abdullah is the maximum penalty can be issued against his client. According to Khaled Al-Shatti that sentence long, but there is a chance to appeal to that under Kuwaiti law, can the defense make an appeal within 20 days of sentencing. Was pure (26 years) has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him at the beginning of the trial last month, stressing that his account Profile on “Twitter” was a breakthrough, and that he did not publish letters sent to him accusations about them. Shatti stressed that even if his client wrote those comments, it would be guilty of a “crime of opinion”, and not a threat to national security. He told the court last week that the fresh exploits as a political tool. Demands death
He called civil claimant and some Kuwaiti politicians to death fresh in a case that received media attention great, he said civil claimant Doam Alamuezari It must be a pure example, so it was the death sentence is appropriate. Has assigned prosecutors to fresh charges represented in the broadcast intentionally – through accounts established by the Twitter – news and phrases offensive to the Prophet peace be upon him and the companions and the righteous Abu Bakr, Omar, Osman and mother of believers Aisha, may Allah be pleased with them, leading to sedition among the members of the community and lead to a fragmentation of its members, and Thzbehm on sectarian lines, according to their religious beliefs. It also included his writings expressions involving the contempt and insult regimes in power in two states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which would harm the national interests of the country. did not represent pure before the court today, the source said in court that he remained in the Central Prison held it since his arrest in March / March , and had appeared before the Court in previous sessions.

The Court of Appeal Kuwait has issued a judgment a few days ago the right political activist Mohammed Mulaifi in custody for six months with the force, after the sentence was issued against him in the degree of the first decision to detain him for seven years, against the backdrop of what the court considered abuse to one of symbols of Shi’ites, the Imams infallible according to the Shiite sect. Was aa has described the “Imam Mahdi” – in his account on Twitter – descriptions are inadequate. and adopted the Kuwaiti parliament – after growing influence of Islamists, who represent the opposition – an amendment legally last month makes the death abuse of a Muslim to the divine self or the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him death, instead of the maximum prison sentence of ten years.

States that should be approved by the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on any changes in the law, and can also issue an amnesty for those convicted of crimes. According to Kuwaiti media that the Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 7 Online has so far refused attempts to apply Watch The Bad Girls Club Season 9 Episode 3 Online death penalty.