If Looks Could Kill (Harmful Ingredients In Cosmetics To Avoid)

There are many beauty products containing Cosmetics (化粧品) that have been linked to serious health issues, including cancer. Even worse, many ingredients have not been tested for safety. The FDA’s website states that “DA’s legal authority over cosmetics is different from other products…Cosmetic products ARE NOT subject to FDA 化粧品 通販 ランキング approval authority.

Well, if that were the case, then many products containing these harmful ingredients would be off the shelves immediately! Here are some of the ingredients in cosmetics to avoid:
Parabens are preservatives used for preventing bacteria growth and prolonging a product’s shelf life. Commonly used in cosmetics, they are also found in some foods and pharmaceuticals. It is a synthetic Cosmetics (化粧品) that mimics estrogen. Some experts think that over time it may accumulate in the body and cause health problems like breast cancer and infertility.

Lead 化粧品通販ランキング lipstick
This is not a myth, though I wish it were. Many brands contain lead in their lipstick. Many well-known brands are guilty of having this toxic substance in their products. While they are in small doses and your lips won’t fall off anytime soon, lead accumulates in the body and wreaks havoc. That’s why even small doses of lead are dangerous and unacceptable. Lead is a powerful neurotic that can cause problems with behavior and learning. Do your research before you put that lipstick on.

Mercury in mascara
We all know mercury is bad stuff. But did you know there was mercury in mascara? Mercury is a nasty neurotic that can lead to neurological damage, especially in young children and fetuses. It is also goes by the name of chimerical.

Trichinosis is an antibacterial Cosmetics (化粧品) used in cosmetics, sanitizers and pesticides. Antibacterial Cosmetics (化粧品) may sound great but they end up doing more harm than good. There is always the potential of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics and becoming even more harmful. Don’t believe the hype. Antibacterial soap has not been proven to work any better than regular soap and water!

化粧品 通販 ランキング Sulfate
An antibacterial preservative that is bad for your nervous system
Used in gels, lubricants, adhesives, etc. Known to disrupt the endocrine system (glands and hormones)

By-product of petroleum, usually found in ointments, cold creams and lotions. It has been linked to many diseases, including cancer. Why would you put petroleum on your skin? Say no to all petroleum skin products, including Vaseline (petroleum jelly)

Become a label reader
This is not a complete list. There are many other ingredients in cosmetics to avoid. Nowadays it is of the utmost importance that you become a label reader.
These toxic substances are in everything you can think of, from baby shampoo to deodorants. Many products have harmful substances that are not listed on the labels because they are by-products and not intentionally added. You won’t see lead and mercury on the ingredients list, but they may still contain them. Don’t be fooled by so-called “natural” or “organic” products. Make sure the package bears the USDA certified organic seal.

Remember that what you put on your skin is very important because it absorbs substances directly into the bloodstream. All of those synthetic, toxic substances accumulate in the body over time and may cause serious problems later on