How to Sell On Ebay-Getting Your Listings Seen

It’s true that Ebay is a massive virtual marketplace with millions of vendors from all around the world. With that kind of competition, it is very important to go above and beyond the competition to get buyers to notice your listings. Thankfully, the steps you should take, still crucial, are few in number. Anyone can implement these tips to draw more eyes to their Ebay auctions.

To start off, think like a buyer. Would you want to buy items sight unseen, or would you favor auctions with plenty of pictures? Do hurried or inadequate descriptions put you off? What if you found a listing from a seller with several negative feedback comments saying that the merchandise was sent out late, or as described? Chances are you would not choose to purchase from such a seller. Neither will buyers feel comfortable buying from you if these things are true of your listings and reputation.

So, to get Ebay buyers to open on your auctions, always involve quality photos of the item. Be sure to photograph any damaged spots as well. Use Ebay’s economical photo hosting service, and always upload your pictures as 400 by 300 pixel jpegs of high quality. Ebay will resize the photographs to those indicated dimensions anyway; if you create the pictures at that size, you will lose minimal detail after uploading.

Listings have to be be easy to read. Very disorganized listings can be distracting, and most buyers won’t want to spend time trying to decipher them when there are a multitude of other, more user-friendly listings available. To keep buyers looking, use a template or HTML to create the item description easier on the eyes. You don’t require a lot of fancy code to make your item description easy and readable. Ebay gives an inexpensive listing designer that you can use if you are not comfortable writing your own HTML tags.

While you’re evaluating the layout of your item description, also be sure that your listing is not riddled with typos. If it’s hard to read, buyers will go elsewhere. A second thing to watch out for is the length of your item description. Buyers like to know details. If your listing has one short paragraph barely passing for an item description, you most likely haven’t given them all the details they desire. Go back and give more information about the item. If the product is damaged in any way, in addition to documenting the damage with a picture, you need to also repeat it in the text of your listing.

Offer several types of payment choices, including PayPal. Buyers will often pass over auctions that require a check or money order as payment. PayPal allows buyers to use their PayPal account, bank account, or credit card to make a purchase. A lot of Ebay listings allow Paypal, so yours should, too.

On Ebay, sellers have to face against many other sellers offering the same goods. If one seller has greatly organized information and a brilliant photograph of their item, they will gain the most views and bids. Do not throw buyers off with a hard-to-read listing. Employ these easy tips instead to make sure your auction gets known on Ebay.

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