How to Check if your Printer is Out of Ink

Sometimes your printer can play up and you’re unsure why, usually (and especially if you’ve just done a lot of printing) it could be the ink that has run out. Sometimes it is just one colour that has run out – but how can you find out?

If you type up a document and then click to print. On your printer it may flash up to say ‘Black Running Low”, this does not mean that the black has run out, but if you do not have a back-up ink cartridge then this is the time to order one.

If the document prints fine then there is no issue with the ink, at this point you need to get your printer manual out.

Then check to see if there are any faded colours or blurring, this could also be down to low ink.

It is also wise to go to your ‘print’ drop down box and click ‘Print Test Page’, this will then print a page with a row of coloured boxes along the top. You need to look at these and ensure they are not blurred, faded or missing. A pop-up box will flash up asking if the test print worked, click Yes if it did and No if it did not work. The computer will then run a clean and will sort out the issue for you.

Don’t panic if the ink is out, Ink2U can get ink and Toner Cartridges to you via fast free delivery, which is normally next day (so you will only go one day without printing).

Now – what to do with your old Ink Cartridges? Send them to Ink2U and they will give you money as a way of saying thanks (meanwhile you’re helping the environment stay green!).

My Top Tip – Order 2 of all ink and toner cartridges you need, when one runs out order the next, so you always have at least one on back up!

And my 2nd Top Tip, always order off Ink2U as they have great value ink and toner cartridges, with a lowest price guarantee and a six month no quibble money back offer.

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