How long do your Mail Shots take?

Mail shots, although valuable and a great way of getting word out to people about your latest offer, important news or new office openings, can be expensive and be time-consuming for staff.

Pitney Bowes have a machine that can save your business thousands of pounds by taking these manual hours back. A folder inserter is the best tool for doing mail shots; it folds, inserts and seals the documents into an envelope at 10 – 40 times faster than a single pair of hands can do. Pitney Bowes have various products available, going from 1,350 to over 4000 documents an hour!

These machines can also be linked to franking machines too, meaning that all the jobs are done in one place, the only thing the machine does not do is take it to the postman to be delivered.

The folder inserter is time saving, space saving, money saving and staff saving, if you send out mail shots, this folder inserter is a must have!

One of the most affordable, compact and easy-to-use automated envelope stuffing machines out on the market today is the DI200 OfficeRight® Inserting System is easy to use and compact enough to fit in even the smallest office. Take it out of the box, plug it in and the display panel will guide you through the set up. Within minutes you’re ready to process your mail. No more time wasted manually folding, just put your materials in their trays and push the button. It’s that simple

Promotional inserts or reply envelopes can be added to mailings very easily. This is an effective and cost effective step towards expanding your business.

The DI200 OfficeRight® Inserting System can save your business time and money. Why buy from Pitney Bowes? Not only are they one of the biggest and most well-known companies in the UK, they are also focused on Customer Service, they ask customers what they want, they listen when customers tell them how they can improve and with this information the customers that were very satisfied has now risen by 10%.

One thing mentioned was the amount of down-time on a machine when a new part was required, Pitney Bowes have looked into this and as long as the order is put in by 5.30pm, the item will be shipped out that day!

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