Housecleaning and Mercury in Retrograde

I really do not rent apartments anymore, a bit of my background that’s best ignored. I was a tenured slumlord for a short time. Not the proudest of moments.That isn’t what that is about. This really is about pet hair, cleaning, schedules, and what to do with Mercury Retrograde. The initial setup and opening disclaimer is because, the simplest way to describe what I was in control of is to consider a “make ready,” as in, make the model ready for a brand new tenant.Wasn’t a house, and I wasn’t the one doing the make-ready. Evidently, my job was to supervise the “maids for hire,” and I’m sure that there are outfits like this in many urban centers, a service that sends out busy worker-bee kinds who then dust, clean, polish, wash, mop, and, obviously, vacuum.Mercury in Retrograde plays havoc with schedules, time, and electrical devices. Perfect example? Cleaning support was likely to show up at midday, named and left an on my cell, saying they can show up early. Phone never called, only got the information. Therefore I run over, and there is the cleansing pair, standing around in the summertime temperature, both with phones pushed to ears, hoping to get someone’s attention. Like me — exactly me.I carefully explained that they were paid for three hours, but I thought it only reasonable to cut them down at just a little over two hours, they get paid for three, and the area is clear enough for an instantaneous move-in. Everyone is happy.I allow team unlimbers their cleaner, resources, mops, covered, pails, soap-looking containers and furniture polish. No stove to completely clean, no refrigerator to bother with, no heavy lifting, right?I had an errand to attend to therefore I left the registered and bonded all-female staff there to take care of the dirty work. I didn’t see now it may even take two hours, but anyone who’s been to where I live knows I’m clean, just not usually clean.I appear back just an over two hours later. Place is mostly clean, cleaned, mopped, dusted, and there is one carpet left to vacuum.Previous tenant had a cat. I like cats. I took that very pet to the veterinarian one time, again, another story for a different venue.This continues to be about Mercury in Retrograde, don’t let me wander….The diligent cleaning ladies were nearly done, on my plan, half an hour or so early. One of them starts packing out. It is some who knows how to work together, quickly and efficiently.”Hey, obtain the mess driver,” the one inside hollers.The outside one talks about me, bends over and gets a bag of vacuum devices and a little screwdriver out of her supplies and resources. I was pleased, she — they — were prepared for exigencies.The cat hair, put aside by the last tenant’s cat blocked the vacuum cleaner. Blew a belt on it. Halfway to getting the task done ahead of schedule, something breaks.Afterwards, I was asked if I was upset about the ordeal.When Mercury goes retrograde, only when it looks like we are ahead of schedule and under budget? Mercury includes an extra wad of cat hair in the carpet.Knowing, ahead of time, that Mercury is a tricky one, makes the extra wad much simpler to weather the consequences of unexpected breakdowns and plan changes.

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