House Flipping and Party Invitations

Last week I was asked to attend a party and having a vague knowledge of the party hosts, I really didn’t feel like attending.

The truth is I’ve been invited to parties similar to this in the past where I pretty much don’t know a soul, but with my girl friend pushing me, of course I did eventually go.

How come I did not want to go?

In my mind I had created fear of attending.without any sort of basis within reality.

Whenever I thought about the party I pictured myself standing there to the side of the room, trying so hard to think of something to talk to someone about – and of course no matter how desperately hard I tried, I consistently struggled to connect with people. There was no common ground, the conversations awkward, I always seemed to have an unenjoyable time.

As sad as it sounds, that is how I always envisioned my party experiences.

Haven’t we all been to parties like this before?

These are the kinds of parties you go to where you think to yourself that you would rather be at the dentist than suffering through this utter social torture..

What if I had instead expected a much better and more enjoyable outcome?

So instead of being a loner, talking to no one in the corner.imagine if I had pictured being engaged in a great experience, surrounded by awesome and interesting people very interested in me, who I was, where I was from and what I did, engaging in lively interesting conversation, with wonderful music playing nicely in the background, completely relaxed and calm, enjoying the life experience?

What if I had chosen to envision the above scenario, do you think, just maybe, that I would have been more open to attending the party?

The #1 Factor for House Flipping Success

Imagine for a moment being able to alter this sort of perception not only when you are faced with a decision to go to a party.but also when you go into your first house flipping deal?

Lets say that you have worked your buns off for three years trying to launch your house flipping career and finally, after years, you have found the perfect home for purchase. All of the signs point to yes. You’ve finally found a fair price, the financing is spot on, and you have figured out your expenses and you are sure about what you will be able to sell the property for.

But you imagine everything going wrong, the home just sitting there with no interest from buyers, every month your margins and profits slowly dwindle away.

What are your prospects of success if you continue with this mental attitude?

There is really no chance of success if you hold that type of mental belief.

Now, instead, picture the house selling for 1/3 more than expected, selling in under a month, with you walking away with a very tidy profit for you and your joint venture partners as well as your financers.

This is the mindset you must adopt. We like to call it the House Flipping Mindset.

What this is not is just a wild assumption that things will go well only because you think it ought to…that is not it at all. You must have a good strategy of steps that lessens the chance of the bad deal – in oder to place yourself in a position to perceive value and pleasure in reaping profits instead of thinking of the pain.

And even more importantly to gain the house flipping mindset, once you have done all that you need to then expect success in your mind and think only of all the good things to come from the deal.

This is the mindset you need to flip houses and is the very first critical step to house flipping success.

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