Home Based Business – Create Lightweight Chicken Houses for Suburban Gardens

With more and more people attempting to get back to basics, reputation for keeping yard hens is on the rise. Several local authorities allow people to keep 2 or 3 laying hens in suburban backyards, and with an increase of people seeking to keep hens, comes the demand for suitable housing for their pets.Portable chicken coops are probably the most suitable form of housing for smaller backyards, as they could be moved around to different areas. This is essential, as numerous backyard chickens will not obtain the same quantity of independence as their free ranging relatives who are now living in more rural areas. The dangers to their safety are higher, with increased targeted amounts of cats and domestic dogs, and also traffic, thus the risks need to be confined for longer amounts of time. Because the chickens will be spending more time ‘cooped up ‘, it’s necessary that their living quarters are relaxed and safe.Many people who want to keep a couple of chickens in the backyard, just do not have the time or the relevant skills to create their own chicken coops, and are thus prepared to spend money on having a purpose built chicken house brought to their property, ready to include an of egg layers straight to it.There is a requirement for good quality backyard chicken coops in many parts, and well-crafted products sell for good prices. You will need to pay some funds getting set up, on things like tools, materials, marketing etcetera, but once your purchases start rolling in, your profits should protect this and a whole lot more very quickly.Here is a basic listing of tools to start making saleable chicken coops — Circular saw with cutting blades- Tape measure- Hammer- Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers- Power exercise (Preferably two. Preserves time: one set up to drill holes, the other for operating screws. )- Sawhorses- Power sander + sandpaper (Doing it yourself is fine. But the power sander will save a great deal of time and muscle!- T-squareIf you’ve basic construction skills, and may follow simple plans, there are several sets of plans available that will guide you to generate mobile chicken coops of a sellable quality.Build yourself a couple of chicken coops to have as stock, and bring them to local areas together with your business cards, and brochures. Get yourself a website with pictures and data and put your online address everywhere! There are many on line boards dedicated to chicken keeping, you can include your business in your signature, and give helpful information for those who are enthusiastic about yard birds.

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