High Rate Of Employment In The Growing Field Of nurse job offer (看護師転職)

Even with unemployment rates high, one particular industry has been expanding. That industry is health care. Graduate with a nurse job offer (看護師転職) degree today, and you’re likely to enjoy some of the best employment prospects of any college or university graduate.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics 看護師転職 fast growth for health care occupations into 2018. The agency in November reported that more than 24,000 new nurse job offer (看護師転職) jobs alone were added during the month of October, so that the number of new jobs in the field over the course of 12 months came to 239,300. For nurse job offer (看護師転職) degree program graduates, that meant a greater likelihood of obtaining job offers at or soon after graduation than graduates with other degrees, an announcement from the American Association of Colleges of nurse job offer (看護師転職) (AACN) noted.

The AACN announcement cited the findings of a national survey of 402 institutions showing that 65 percent of new nurse job offer (看護師転職) grads at the bachelor’s and graduate levels in 2010 had job offers at the time of graduation. After four to six months from graduation, 89 percent of these degree holders had job offers, according to the announcement. The AACN compares this with a nurse job offer (看護士求人) Association of Colleges and Employers survey of 35,000 new college and university graduates that revealed 24.4 percent of other degree holders across other subject areas had job offers.


The membership-based AACN represents more than 650 nurse job offer (看護師転職) schools at colleges and universities throughout the country. An executive of the AACN in the announcement nurse job offer (看護士求人) that employers wanting to raise the standards of quality patient care and provide patients with the safe care that they expect is likely to keep the demand for registered nurses with degrees at the bachelor’s level strong. The AACN cites research linking fewer medication errors, lower mortality rates, favorable outcomes and fewer medication errors with nurses who have obtained their degrees at the bachelor’s and graduate levels.

The Tri-Council for nurse job offer (看護師転職) has 看護士求人 encouraging nurses to recognize entry level trends in the field and consider advancing their education through nurse job offer (看護師転職) programs that might help them fill needs for advanced practice nurses and nurse educators. With health care reform expected to place a growing emphasis on primary care providers, many colleges and universities have been adding nurse job offer (看護師転職) degree programs to help fill what some anticipate to be a shortage in this area.

The AACN survey also found that nurse job offer (看護師転職) grads at the bachelor’s level were most likely to receive job offers in instances where they resided in the South, followed by the Midwest, the Northeast and the West. Growth in the health care industry into 2018 is expected as a result of aging nurse job offer (看護士求人) boomers, technology and more, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.