Drivers who are caught driving under the influence could be under scrutiny for serious allegations leading towards a DUI arrest.

Michael Reason, DUI attorney in Ogden, Utah, has undergone many specific defense trainings to specialize as a DUI defense attorney.

DUI Attorney, Michael Reason offers these tips to avoiding a DUI charge:

  • Pull over to sleep it off. However, be sure to turn off the engine and remove the keys from the ignition. In some states, regardless of being parked, a running engine or keys in the ignition constitute an operating vehicle.
  • For drivers who have only had one or two drinks and are arrested for a DUI, it is encouraged to take the blood alcohol level test to show that the driver was not driving over the legal limit and therefore not driving under the influence. Remember, the average human body can metabolize one alcoholic beverage per hour.
  • Contrary to this popular advice, drinking coffee or water will not sober up someone who is intoxicated. Anyone planning to drive should know their own body and what his or her body can handle.
  • A person who is drunk may not look drunk just as a person who is sober may act as though he or she is drunk. Drink wisely. Consuming more than one drink per hour ensures a person is legally intoxicated and therefore unable to drive.

To learn more about the legal driving limits in Utah, watch this informative video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYJSN_q2oHo

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