Freidin Dobrinsky Specialize in Personal Injury And Provide Results for Clients

Freidin Dobrinsky is a Florida-based law firm that specializes in personal injury and protecting clients. They have been able to provide their clients with excellent results, and have been able to land a number of landmark cases for the group. They strive to protect the rights of victims, and also make communities safer as a result. With some of their largest decisions in favor of their clients being large news throughout the media, it is easy to see why this firm is one of the best personal injury law firms in the whole of the country.

In one recent landmark case for the firm, they were representing the estate of Lidia GianGrandi, against 50 state security service Inc. They were able to provide a $4.78 million verdict for the client, as a result of negligent security. In this case, the individual was murdered in her bedroom, by an intruder that broke into the home in early 2003. It was argued that the security company had been negligent in the execution of the orders that they had been given to maintain a mobile patrol of the neighborhood. The argument was that the security company had not perform the duties that they had promised to the individuals throughout the community, and as a result were unable to prevent something that was completely preventable on their end. The company denied any wrongdoing in the case but in the end it was found that Freidin Dobrinsky and the Estate of Lidia Giangrandi were awarded $4.78 million. They have become one of the top Miami Car Accident Lawyer firms in the Florida area.

Their ability to deliver these kind of results, has made them the type of personal injury and Miami Wrongful Death Attorney specializing firm that clients love. Knowing that they have been able to deliver these kinds of results of previous clients, has made him a very popular option for many, and they continue to assert themselves as the leading Miami personal injury lawyer firm in the nation.

The firm has been able to deliver, and their largest case, as co-counsel, a $38 million verdict, in favor of clients whose twin babies were left blind, following negligent actions by their doctor. It was ruled that had their doctor to properly screen, and evaluated the infants, he would have been able to prescribe the necessary treatment in order to save their eyes from vision loss. The $38 million verdict, was the largest in the company’s history, in conjunction with Randy Rosenblum and Mark Poses.

The number one thing that clients look for in a law office, is their ability to deliver the kind of verdicts that clients are looking for. They have been able to prove that they can deliver exactly what clients are looking for, and help preserve justice for their clients. Freidin Dobrinksky is a company that has positioned themselves above the competition, in the personal injury law firm space, and have really pushed the envelope in terms of results. As the top Miami wrongful death attorny. group in the Florida area, they have provided some of the top results of any law firm in Florida personal injury law cases.