Finding Your Middle – Self Help For Women

Great techniques have been found three by me to remain in touch with my heart, the true me. To embrace who I’m, respect who I’m not, and know about the difference. You are always on your path and traveling your trip when you do.Embrace Who You AreMeaning, find comfort in the fact that you and your interests can change over. Understand that it’s o.k. To improve and keep changing. It keeps things interesting. I love to shake things up. It keeps the blood moving! Be comfortable in your own skin, human body, brain, heart, and soul. Delight in all of the new things that peak your interest, increase your eyebrows, and make you want to know more!Respect Who You are NotLet there be no love lost for the interests you’ve outgrown. Forget about the activities, roles, and concepts that do not match. Not anymore. Whenever a shoe doesn’t fit, we usually donate them to Goodwill. Where your toes no more belong don’t squeeze your toes. It’s time consuming and unpleasant to watch.I have experienced friends inform me, “I thought you loved…” Well, I did. Now I really do not. Things have changed. I do not actually go into the information on why I don’t love it anymore. And, the majority of enough time, I do not remember.Just regard your “self” as an ever changing glorious being. This can be hard for others to take care of, but please don’t be worried about that. Those that love you deeply and unconditionally, will love you just the same.Be Aware of the DifferenceBeing aware means being in contact with you. I’d to master how to tell apart between who I’m today, who I was yesterday, and who I feel myself becoming. You’re always in transition, navigating between these areas of your self. The trick is always to choose the flow. Do not fight it. I have tried and lost. Just be who you’re and want it. Why not? You’re the sole you there is.Wishing you much joy, peace, and blessings!Copyright 2010. Japan Sharif-Clark. All rights reserved.

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