Find Innovative, Proprietary Intraoral Cameras At Low Prices For Your Clinic

24th July 2012 – Instead of spending thousands of dollars in your dental office on Intraoral Cameras that are second best, you need to visit EasyClickCam on the Internet today at www.easyclickcam.com. EasyClickCam was specifically developed with ease-of-use and convenience for all dental clinic in mind, with its advanced and unique integration with all types of software systems, including Dentrix Imaging 5.X, Easy Dental, Schick CDR, Dexis 8.0 and 9.0, Apteryx, XDR Imaging, Gendex, Kodak Dental Imaging and many other programs. These Dental Intraoral cameras can save you an extensive amount of time and money, because of its innovative capture button that launches the precise application that you need for every patient.

With extensive innovation available in this proprietary software, it is maintained and designed within the US, and integrates with any software application that you currently have. No other intraoral camera can provide you with the ease-of-use and extensive opportunities that an EasyClickCam camera can. As an example, if you are using Dentrix Imaging, the multifunction/snapshot button will automatically open the dental imaging application that you want and need, displaying video imagery and taking photos for every patient, without ever having to use your mouse.

These dental intraoral cameras work famously with all types of digital imaging software via DirectX Video or Twain, with continual software upgrades enhancing all of the actions available with your snapshot button. Because these intraoral cameras work with any dental imaging software application, you will be able to breeze through the images you need for each patient, with the capacity to freeze. In addition, there is no foot pedal required, saving time and frustration in every aspect of this camera application.

Every camera available comes with the latest generation CMOS sensors, fast processing, exquisite illumination, automatic shut off and works seamlessly with a variety of Microsoft Windows applications, without the requirement for special drivers. It proffers a 640×480 resolution, auto focus, 5 mm to 50 mm scope, lightweight 7.87 inch handset and long cable. With every camera, you will always be able to take advantage of free software updates, free installation and free support, for the life of your dental intraoral camera.

It provides the most exquisite, crystal clear picture, never fuzzy or grainy imagery. This is truly the highest quality dental intraoral camera available on the market today, but it is an affordable camera for every office. Installation is extremely simple, because you do not have to worry about extensive, complicated and often frustrating camera software.

It is simply a plug-and-play functionality, allowing you the opportunity to have your intraoral camera from www.EasyClickCam.com up and running in 30 seconds or less. In addition, you will always be able to take advantage of the 100% 30-day money back guarantee, guaranteeing that you will love this camera or your money back. To learn more, you are encouraged to visit them online at www.EasyClickCam.com, or contact them directly via telephone at 949-334-7456. You can also visit them in person at their office in California, located at 25251 Paseo De Alicia, Suite 200 in Laguna Hills.

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