Features and benefits of MBBR Advertising

The MBBR MEDIA/IFAS system is an innovative natural cure procedure using hundreds of special providers created to produce an tremendous total surface for biofilm development – enhancing waste water treatment method without expanding your footprint. This program can be controlled because either a MBBR MEDIA or perhaps an IFAS arrangement.

In the Biography PAC MEDIA or Superb MEDIA configuration offers therapy process based on a bio-film which gives natural carbon elimination, in addition to nitrification and de-nitrification where essential, without circulation involving stimulated slop. The procedure is simple, robust, and requires minimal operative involvement. Wastewater is launched into one or numerous-phase technique (according to whether Nitrogen elimination is necessary), all of which consists of the correct amount of biomass carriers.

The MBBR MEDIA structure is very suitable for a wide range of programs: from pre-remedy of industrial wastewater, to complete therapy of municipal wastewater to the most exacting effluent requirements, as a stand-alone resolution or as a polishing of current remedies including lagoons.

Inside IFAS settings uses your complicated interactions between a bio-film on the biomass carriers and stopped biomass in the stimulated debris. This co-presence makes a specialized and very focused nitrifying bio-film on the biomass carriers, operating concurrently with the organic and natural carbon oxidation by the induced sludge. This procedure rule is to present biomass vendors into the activated particles, thus allowing the activated sludge to reduce much of the BOD, while allowing the actual biofilm to create a microbiological population that oxidizes ammonium substances.

The IFAS configuration is especially nicely harmonized for retrofitting current plant life in order to add nitrification capacity, in addition to growing carbonaceous Body removal, without any more tank volume. This particular structure can also be used inside newly designed vegetation.

Functions and Important things about mbbr / BIO Pac Media

Economical – Lower capital and procedure bills than traditional options.
Little Footprint – Prevents structure improvement necessary for extra tankage.
Just-in-Time growth – The MBBR MEDIA/IFAS program enables gradual, multi-step, plant enlargement, by gradual introduction of natural companies.
Stable development – Unsafe upsets and hydraulic ‘wash out’ events never affect the whole microbial inhabitants in the bio-film, therefore method restoration is rapidly and clean.

Intensive Nitrification – The MBBR MEDIA/IFAS method enables approximative nitrification perhaps at a nominal debris age of the actual activated debris, by simply holding a separate human population on the biomass carriers.

Low Temperatures Nitrification – A biofilm affluent with autotrophs lets steady nitrification even at minimal temperatures.

Improved Sludge High quality – Nitrification in the MBBR MEDIA/IFAS program happens at decreased suspended-sludge age, resulting in far better sludge settling characteristics.

What This indicates to You
Improved oxygen transfer; diminished operating cost
Reduced maintenance; elimination of insert; reduced price
Allows for growth/upgrade without additional tankage; reduced cost
Nitrogen taking away without increased hydraulic retention time
Fixed-film biomass is actually connected to carriers designed to stay in the aeration basin yet beneath hydraulic upset circumstances; due to biofilm layers for the media, toxic angers generally do not impact all lively biomass and recovery is significantly more quickly than with suspended development systems.

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