excellent series is Damages

In approaching this, the first thing you have to come to terms with is there are NO good guys, none, zero, zip, nada. This is a legal fantasy show set in a moral  universe far closer to Tony Soprano’s than Perry Mason’s. Hewes and Associates isn’t a real law firm: it’s a professional practitioner of extortion and blackmail.  Patty Hewes never goes to court because she’ll do absolutely anything to destroy her opponents long before they can get her into one. We’re supposed to give her a pass  because she’s taking on big-time corporate criminals and other easy-to-hate plutocrats. And we do…but there’s this Damages seasons 1-4 complete series bad taste you  can’t quite shake off and that’s the real genius of the thing.

Damages may be the most morally bankrupt show on TV; it’s also incredibly well-acted and despite a non-linear storytelling approach that I generally find tiring,  superbly written and directed. Just don’t go looking for any role models in this pit of vipers.

‘Damages’ reminds constant mind games, in which the authors mixed into the emotions, the feelings of the two main characters – Patty & Ellen.

But the most important thing – it’s not even the struggle of the intellects of the heroines, but the evolution of their emotions, feelings. In our world there is very  little place for normal emotions and communication. Therefore, any reminder about them, their development are of great value. ‘Damages’ tells about such emotions and  this is his main merit.

After finally finishing watching the entire series I was speechless. The thing that drew me to this Warehouse 13 season 3 For Sale was Glenn Close and I was definitely not disappointed by her.  She plays Patty Hewes. Kind of like the lawyer version of Meryl Streep in ‘Devil Wears Prada.’ She hires a new girl who is to learn the most important lesson in life.  Trust no one. Right now the firm is taking on a man called Arthur Frobisher who made all his employees lose all their life savings for a few reasons I can’t remember.  It doesn’t matter. The story is great. The acting is brilliant and I was always looking forward to the next one. Also I hear that Glenn Close won a Golden Globe for  this performance. Definitely deserved! A must see!created by www.dvdseriesonline.com