Do Not Make Your Customers Think

One thing we all know about the former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is that he didn’t allow “his people” to believe. They were broadly handled – and still are with public wailing needed by the military dictators. It shows that you may rule by fear. But it also implies that people could be manipulated.Here in the free-thinking west, we detest control we want to decide for ourselves what we want to do, how we want to do it and who we want to complete it with… !! Certainly, any attempt by western governments to manipulate people is satisfied with protests, outpourings on Twitter and often resignations by those “in power.” It implies that we don’t like being manipulated.But between those two extremes, we are actually having our thoughts handled in simple ways – and actually we do like it. This is because that our minds are prepared to doing things with the least quantity of effort. If we can get some thinking done for people, our brains actually like it because it reduces mental energy – and because it finally aids survival that’s an gain in evolutionary terms. Anything that decreases effort, enhances success potential.Every day the human brain is afflicted with people around you – and organizations who make a commercial gain from getting you to think the way they want you to. Certainly, if that were not the case there could be no such thing because the advertising business. Similarly, sales people could not tell one to get everything. It works out that we’re finally suggestible, even though we claim we are not.But the concept of suggestibility indicates that you could provide more by helping your customers more. For instance, let’s imagine you wish to locate a new web hosting company. You may do the most common trawl of the web, researching reviews, taking a look at pricing and finding out what might work best in your circumstances. But what if it were the other way round? What when web hosting businesses examined what you were using and then offered you an answer that has been a great match to your requirements? The possibilities are you would be more persuaded that what was being offered was greater – even though it might be no different to what you could have found if you’d done the research.What has occurred such a situation is that the mental work has been taken away from you and you become more suggestible because of this. Someone else has done the thinking on your behalf and the result is you become more convinced by their offer.It begs the question, simply how much thinking do you do on behalf of your customers? How much mental energy to you undertake for them? The more you do, the more you will sell.An interesting twist to this is discovered this week by an example is given by IBM Research who of the future of marketing, where we will sign up to “thinking adverts” – services that eliminate the intellectual energy for all of us. The example written by IBM is really a coffee shop – let’s call them Starbucks. You let them know your log of activities. Inturn, they do the “thinking” about these activities for you. So, when you’re due to meet a client and there is trouble on the freeway trip you are more likely to experience, Starbucks enables you and your client know about the trouble – and then has an alternate meeting place, which is easy for both of you and which also eliminates the traffic chaos. My guess is the alternative is a Starbucks store, of course.But imagine the situation without such help. You’re caught in traffic, your client is looking forward to you, disappointed and twiddling thumbs. You appear, hot and flustered and your first impression is weakened. Now imagine the alternative. Your client gets a contact explaining the traffic situation and indicates you meet at the area Starbucks. You arrive punctually. Your client is impressed.According to IBM, such thinking advertisements aren’t that far off in to the future. But before they arrive, you will want to consider the principle which they work? Do more thinking for your clients. They will become much more connected with you and much more easily persuadable. The effect could possibly be greater revenue too.Of course, often allow them to believe they have done the thinking for themselves… All things considered, you do not want them to accuse you of dictating to them. And even if they did you are able to bet there would be no wailing in the streets for you… !!

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