Different levels for Asian handicaps

There’s a particular type of odds, preferred by punters all over the world, when wagering online with their favorite bookie. However, the Asian handicap explained in the previous sessions is not available in all the bookies there are. First to mention there would be its origins. Though they carry the name Asian, Europeans have adopted this concept pretty fast, having a much greater popularity in this continent, rather than in Asia. Howtobet.net explains all the levels where the Asian odds might situate, just so you’d know which type of wagering is more profitable for you and which ones will provide a better stability through the increase of you winning the bet.

Starting with the 0-0 Asian handicap, it leads to the concept that both teams are really hard to separate, because they are situated almost on the same level and the bookie is not able to offer and advantage to one of them. This sort of wagering is also called the level, because if it’s a draw all punters receive their money back. Placing a bet on a certain team brings you profitability, as long as that team will win the match. The quarter Asian handicaps, another type of odds are called level half in the Asian countries. It splits a bet between the closest quarter intervals. This means that a bet is divided into two parts, for the two competitive teams. In case of any loss, as a punter, you will only lose half of your stake and the rest will be refunded back into your account. Examples of this Asian handicap explained, can be found on howtobet.net, your one and only source which maintains you informed with the latest news in betting.

Another type of Asian odds are the ½ ones or the half ball. It’s a bit tricky the name because a teams can’t simply score half a goal. But if it’s a tie, you still win the bet, due to that head advantage there is. It helps the disadvantages team with half a point and it surely helps you gain profitability, by increasing your chances in betting. Apart from these, there’s also the three quarters Asian handicap, also known as half ball one ball in the Asian region. It provides a better stability than the last ones, giving a larger head up to the disadvantaged teams, when they have to confront the strong ones or the champions. Finally, there is to talk about the one handicap where a team receives one goal ahead and you have to wager taking into consideration that piece of information. An outstanding odds offer would be on the major football events, like the Premiership.

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