Designing a Web sites

Why Many Internet sites are difficult to understand?

Creating a website has to comply with the reading patterns of people. View from behavioral research, we know that we have a page as follows:

-from top left to bottom left
-then from bottom left to bottom right
-then from bottom right to top right

From onSite created web sites are built to such psychological findings:

1-First company logo with business name,

2-the navigation bar

3-and then the main information.

The following guidelines should you look at when your make your personal website:

You shouldn’t take any low-priced web hosting .
Often has a less expensive price and a reason for lack of functionality, it takes far too long to open the website in the browser of the visitor. The reason: cheap hosting providers are often too many web sites of various customers on a single server space. And if you have any questions, they are often not or only after tens of days, perhaps even unskilled solved. Service costs money even now, for cheap and there are just no quality. This is true in life as the Internet.

Do not use clip art or graphics windows ,
but just as real images. Clipart seem amateurish and anyway are often copied. Your visitors are seriously interested people – you treat them with respect and not with cheap graphic bells and whistles!

Use small graphics.
Often a file size of 40kb even for large images 400 x 260px is already sufficient for a proper representation. So take advantage of sending the JPG compression and compare different levels.

Optimize the page layout to 1000×650 pixels around (width by height) .
While more 17-inch monitors have long been standard: Lots of people are still working with a smaller setting. Another advantage is that even when printing is then cut off any text. If you want to produce print resolution, you are limited to 620 pixels width or program specific printer style. This width can be accurately played by ordinary DIN A4 printers.

Do not use banner ads on your pages,
and promotional offers are not pop-up window. They also harm your findability in search engines and steer the visitors only from the actual content. Some providers try to convince you that can be gained by participating in banner exchange systems to make new clients. This is nonsense, and uses only the providers of these systems. The cheaper price you pay this supplier with poor rating in the search engines. Ultimately, you use other, not only himself

Add in the upper left corner, an organization logo –
where most users would expect. A link of the logo on the front page makes it easy for users to find the way on your website. Do not use animations that disturb the user from the main supply. They increase by only the animations to load. The use of animation is considered controversial. We advise against it.

Ideally, the entire HTML page size should only about 50-80 KB, including text and graphics.

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