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Shenzhen, China: One of the best features in an iPhone is that iTunes always make a backup of IPhone and update it every time it is synced. It is possible to restore all the data from this backup file to even another iPhone in case if the phone is lost or damaged. This backup file contain the contacts, SMS, Calendar, notes, photos, videos, call records , voice memo etc. However there is no way to backup only selective data from a backup file created by iTunes. This is one major drawback associated with iPhones and its backup file.

The backup file created by iTunes is a kind of SQlitedb file, which is not readable, allowed to preview and sometimes encrypted. No content can be taken out of that file and nothing can be selectively replenished on the phone. In such situations, certain third party applications can help restore contents selectively from the backup file. WonderShare Data Recovery for iTunes is one such application that can easily extract contacts, SMS, notes etc. from the backup file separately so that any of them can be restored selectively.

One of the best advantages of this application is that it is extremely powerful but yet so simple. Just run the application and select the backup file to start scanning. The Data Recovery tool separates out all contents and provides a one-by-one view. Check the required boxes and select ‘Recover’ to save it on the Mac system. Now the contacts exist as .vcf file and it can be easily imported into Apple Mail and transferred to iPhone via iTunes. There is no need to connect and sync the phone with iTunes before running the program.

WonderShare Data Recovery for iTunes is the right kind of software that helps to get back on the digital life in cases of loss, breakage or deletion of any IPhone data. “Thanks to Data Recovery for iTunes, I know that everything important–photos, movies, texts, etc. from all my iDevices will be 100% safe and physically stored as long as I sync.”- says Ms. Angela, who has found the product extremely useful. The application can easily restore lost photos and videos and works well with iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad 1, 2 and even iPod Touch 4. The company also offers a free trial version and 90 day money back guarantee on the product.

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