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The Flowers on Mother¡¯s Grave¡± and ¡°The Empty Cradle¡± ¡ª the young seaman squeezed out every lugubrious drop from their funereal substance, and his audience, christian louboutin sale with the exception of Horn blower, reveled in it. And an elderly boss¡¯no’s mate sang sea songs in a thunderous bass while Horn blower marveled that a seagoing audience could tolerate the misuse of nautical terms in those songs;

if his ¡°good sail¡± were to ¡°rustle¡± with a following wind, his officer of the watch would hear from him in good round terms, and there was, of course, the usual landsman¡¯s confusion between the sheet and the sail, and Debden had never bothered to find out that a ¡°sheer hulk¡± was still leading a useful existence thanks to its sheers ¡ª the term did not imply a complete hulk or anything like it.

And of course the song laid stress on the statement that Tom Bowling was dead, like the for Christian Louboutin sale up e-top man¡¯s mythical mother and baby. He had ¡°Gone aloft¡± and everybody in the ship¡¯s company, apparently, felt the better for it. The hornpipes were more agreeable; Horn blower could admire the lightness and grace of the dancers and could manage to ignore the squeaky sweetness of the flute that accompanied them, played by the same cook¡¯s mate whose final effort had won the race for the port watch ¡ª his services as accompanist were so necessary, apparently, that they were called for even though the port watch were officially the guests at the concert.