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Monster headphones will delight listeners seeking heavyweight sound in a comfortable lightweight package. It is a new portable model that offers maximum sound quality and comfort in a lightweight, portable design. Today’s music cheap beats by dre lovers depend on lightweight, portable stereo phones to reproduce their favorite recording on the go. Monster beats headphones combine the very best in sound performance without sacrificing comfort and portability. It is a portable stereophony that delivers deep bass. Monster dr dre provides convenient level adjustment from any stereophony. It includes pocket/belt clip for comfortable cord positioning.


This full-size open-back reference dr dre beats delivers beats by dre headphones silky smooth, accurate sound with a laid-back tonal delivery; a truly gorgeous can for acoustic music of all kinds and for listeners seeking warm, richly rendered musical detail. The performance is right up to date with a cheerful, Custom Beats balanced tone on both portable and home gear. The sound quality is much better than the price would suggest. you will find that they drive quite well from your photo workstation computer headphone jack, and while your test of a beats earphones is, are they great when listened to at low volumes.


Besides the impressive technology and comfort, the Monster beats headphones convince by its quality and appearance. Listening beats by dre pro special edition detox professional on e to music, no matter if you are on a train or in a hotel room, has become as natural as phoning or working while you are on the move, which is great, when you have the sound to match it. At the same time, its sound is so detailed that even fine structures monster beats by dr. dre pro angel headphones white with red in classical orchestral recordings are heard with an iPod or other MP3 players’ addition to its acoustic qualities the Beats by dre has more to offer. It practically kills two birds with one stone: Due beatsbydrecmlsp2012 to stable joints of the stainless steel headband, the monster cable can be folded and stored in the supplied soft case. As you are travelling the headphone is always ready for use.