Carver Tubs Implements Environmentally Sound Approach To Bathtub Manufacturing

[Grandview, MO] – July 24, 2012 – Those doing bathroom renovations, such as homeowners and contracted professionals, often have a shortage of time that makes it difficult for them to go out and shop for what they need. When they need to see a full selection of quality 5 foot bathtubs, for instance, shopping for these could take a while if they have to go to a retail location and look over their choices, particularly if a sales person is slowing the process down for them. This is why online options such as those offered by Carver Tubs makes a big difference to those who need a high quality bathtub and who also need the process of selecting the right tub to go as easily as possible in a way that will save them time. The company’s latest website design offers full photos and details on each of its tubs, organizing them by size and type, as well as offering testimonials that can help shoppers determine which product is going to be best suited to meeting the unique needs they have. Help by both phone and chat is available so that customers never have to struggle to find an answer about the products themselves or the ordering process. All this is taking the company’s web site to the next level of real service today’s web shoppers need.

Carver Tubs has been in business for well over 25 years and built a reputation for itself based on the quality of the products it manufacturers at its Missouri location. By focusing on building the best, it has created a product line up that can offer corner, 2 person and oval bathtubs along with plenty of other options so that homeowners can get precisely what they need in a bathtub that will offer comfort, functionality and an attractive design. Since they can go right online to learn everything they need about the tubs offered today, it is definitely a smart choice for those on a budget who are working, also, with a tight schedule. Considering the fact that Carver Tubs offers free shipping that delivers within 7 to 10 business days, it is a top choice for many across the US today.

To discover the improved Carver Tubs website, visit CarverTubs.com today. Here, visitors will find everything they want thoughtfully laid out in an easy to browse manner with help available at the press of a button.

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