Can Chad Ochocinco Teach Us About Branding?

Can Chad Ochocinco show us anything about personalisation? Your first reaction could be to answer that question with a definite, no! But that might be too hasty. I think that even though you’re not really a baseball fan, you’re knowledgeable about the name Chad Ochocino. It probably sounds somewhat common, but you are not sure why. He’s statements were made by a professional football player who when he altered his title from Chad Johnson to Ochocinco in respect of the number he wears on his Jersey–85. Now I know Ochocinco is not a literal interpretation of eighty-five, but that scarcely matters. Rather let’s focus on what we are able to learn from the quick study of his branding/marketing activities.Recently Chad has parlayed his popular appeal into a look on Dancing with the Stars (he survived before final four pairs) and his own reality TV show where he is looking for love. He is not the initial football player to look on either Dancing with the Stars or even to get their own TV show. But Chad is unique in that he seems to make all his public moves with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, completely aware that what he’s doing is intentionally developing a brand that will be larger than his running career.One thing Chad has done to distinguish himself from others trying to secure their post-football futures is jump with both feet into the use of social media marketing to engage with others and create his brand. Which instruments did he select? Net TV, Facebook and Facebook! Chad has over 995,000 followers by this date and is a frequent and engaging tweeter about things political, social and needless to say sports.I do not know how you determine the importance of an individual brand (I guess that Mashable guy or someone like him will undoubtedly be considering that immediately, Godspeed!) but I know that Chad is now far beyond the typical running brand. What does that mean? It indicates he has end up being the sort of chief with the type of impact that tales are created of. He uses social networking in the way all of us who are attempting to build personal manufacturers must. He works to construct relationships off-line along with offline, he diversifies his marketing efforts, is very true and personal and he gives value (entertainment and sometimes thought-provoking criticism) before he attempts something in return.And other athletes are really using notice! Did you find the Espy Awards yesterday evening? In addition to the amount of players who were personally tweeting concerning the occasion, many of the athletes mentioned social networking, particularly Twitter, in interviews. Frank Johnson even thanked ‘Twitter, first and foremost’ in his acceptance speech for Best Breakthrough Player. Who woulda thunk?Now is Chad delightful, impish and effervescent yes? Do you have to be those ideas to understand exactly the same business success? Should you have your own personal iPhone application as Chad does? No! You do need to be your self, get to know and use YOUR distinctive resources and presents and remember to have a great time. When you’re enjoying yourself and having a good time, the folks you are seeking to develop relationships with may also.I hope you’re arranging a POWERFUL day!I ask you to review or share this with others utilising the links below.

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