Can An Email be followed by You If The Sender Is Using a Proxy Server?

Many times whenever an individual is seeking an assessment regarding a contact track study the times are concerned because they feel their stalker is “computer savvy” and employing a proxy server to disguise their IP Address. Well the good news is that a skilled investigator can identify and still find anyone behind an email address even though the sender is using a proxy server.You might be wondering what’s a proxy server and so how exactly does it affect an email track analysis? A proxy server can be an intermediary computer that sits between the user’s computer and the Internet. So if the sender of an employs a server then the email headers can display the IP address of the proxy server and not the IP address of the cyber stalkers computer. A person who is “computer savvy” mistakenly thinks this will completely hide their identity.But it is only that sort of thinking that makes it so much simpler to catch this type of stalker. They are focusing almost all their attention on the IP address not knowing that the header evaluation is only one very small ingredient in an extensive investigation into the real identity behind an e-mail address.One thing they forget is that only the incoming header information can have a masked IP address. Except they also use a proxy server or unknown company to open and read every inward email, pinpointing information about their computer will still be uncovered.Even the most savvy computer IT technology man won’t take this truth into consideration.In their boldness and confidence in their computer information they’ll fall for a few of the most basic pretexts or tips a professional private eye will use in virtually any investigation to locate or identify people. Think right back to the days ahead of the Internet and e-mail. PIs were analyzing, help jumpers run absent teens and a myriad of people on the run. Often with much less data than what can be found in the most difficult email track investigation.An email sent by a big bad ‘computer savvy” IT guy via a proxy server may stump another computer savvy IT guy but it is not likely to decelerate a private investigator experienced in email tracing investigations.The IP address and header examination is one small step of the analysis involving time tested investigative methods that a computer specialist will be entirely ignorant of, and his overconfidence in a server will be his undoing.Copyright (c) 2011 Opperman Investigations Inc

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