Budget Norway Launches Superb Summer Deals and Other Great Offers

Norway – 22 July, 2012 – Budget Norway, one of the Scandinavian subsidiaries of the leading Budget global car rental (billeie) company has launched superb summer deals and a host of other great discount offers. You can enjoy up to 15% discount on all cars booked within the summer period or simply get a weekend getaway vehicle from as little as 895 Kronor, leading to great savings for group travelers. To keep customers happy and connected to the Budget brand wherever they find themselves, these offers are also available in a host of countries around the world including Spain, Tunisia, Germany, Iceland and Turkey among others.

To get the best values from these offers, it is advisable for clients to make bookings online and earlier, as soon as you are sure of your travel plans. Though, the clients can make bookings for their car rental (billeie) either via phone or by visiting the rental offices, but Budget global has a very robust and efficient online booking system available on the company’s website. This platform is very similar to a flight booking system and clients will be required to choose the city or airport where they want the car to pick them up from and then choose the drop off point also. These discounts are usually available and greater when you book and pay online, as there is an additional 5% discounts for all online payments.

The hottest and most rewarding of the current available offers is the summer car rental (billeie) promotion, which gives client a 15% flat rate off the price of the total rental cost. This is available in all Budget stations across Norway and in a number of other countries. The offer is not restricted in any way as same clients can continue to benefit time and again as far as the summer season is still on. For group travelers, one very good offer is the Weekend offer which starts from 895 Kronor for any vehicle you need. Though, the prices may change depending on the size of the vehicle, as mini buses and vans cab also be booked from the Budget website. Clients can make comparisons on the best offer between the weekend rental and summer rental in order to decide which is best for them. Alternatively, the full listing of offers available via Budget Norway can be found at


Aside the discount offers to individuals, companies, regardless of their size can also take advantage of discounted corporate rental car to reduce their operational costs. On a weekly and monthly basis, Budget Norway offers special discounts to companies on their website. The most common offer to small businesses is the Budget Business Connections which grants companies a 12% discounts on all rentals not only within Norway, but all across the Europe, Middle Seat and Africa (EMEA) region.

Budget Car Rental (http://www.budget.no) operates across the globe, mostly Scandinavian countries that include Norway and Denmark. Travelers are offered highly discounted rental packages and rates across the region.


Company Name: Budget Car Rental

Telephone Number: 815 60 600

Email Address: budget@budget.no